February 1, 2012

Bee4.biz Review - CPA Link Locker That Pays

Bee4.biz Review - CPA Link Locker That Pays
Make Money By Sharing Links

UPDATE: They're apparently no longer in business. No idea what happened after all this time.

The Bee4Biz Basics...

1. Make money shortening links with surveys.
2. Earn $480 to $1380 per 1000 unlocks!
3. Cash out anytime. Get paid in under 7 days!
4. Minimum cashout  - Just $10!
5. Get paid via PayPal or Moneybookers!

What Exactly Is Bee4Biz?

What is Bee4.biz? Quite basically, Bee4Biz is a link shortener and locker (like a content locker) that you can use to lock and shorten any link, whether it's a download link, a video link, a website link, a password file link, etc., while making YOU money in the process.

By "locking" a link, you'll make money every time someone unlocks it to see your content. And the earnings are awesome!

For example (as of this writing), the maximum amount per unlock is around $40. Wow, imagine making $40 just for posting a link that people click on and unlock! With Bee4Biz, this is definitely possible.

How Bee4Biz Works For You

Bee4Biz is a CPA (Cost Per Action) link shortener and content locker. What that means is that each and every time someone clicks your link, they'll simply need to complete a short survey or offer in order to see the actual page you locked. ...And each time they complete it, you make money! :)

Example: Let's say you have a link to a YouTube video that you locked with Bee4Biz. Once someone clicks that link, they'll be presented with a choice of several different simple offers to choose from in order to see that YouTube video. Such offers usually include simple things like email address and zip submit, or a short survey with a few simple questions.

...Remember, all they have to do is 1 (one) offer, and they'll be forwarded automatically to the YouTube video...and you make money. It's as simple as that!

Bee4Biz Payment Proofs

And in case you're wondering...Yes, Bee4Biz pays. They've paid on time, every single time so far. Just see below for the Bee4Biz payment proof...

Update: Image proof removed. They're apparently no longer in business.

Referral Program = More Money

Bee4Biz also offers a referral program. With the Bee4Biz referral program you'll earn 10% of whatever your referrals earn...for life!

Just share your Bee4Biz referral link with anyone you think might be interested in making money online. Get some decent referrals and watch your money add up, month after month.

The referral method is great because you can start earning money on auto pilot without actually putting a whole lot of work into it yourself. And this money can add up quickly!

Of course, that's NO reason to be lazy! The goal here is to make as much money online as you can. Keep posting Bee4Biz links anywhere and everywhere you can. And keep referring people to Bee4Biz. If you truly want to make bank on auto pilot, this is a very good way to go about it.

So don't wait! Sign up for Bee4Biz right now. The money is really great. And trust me, you probably won't find a better CPA content locker anywhere!

UPDATE:  Apparently they are no longer in business. No idea what happened.