January 31, 2008

Make Money Online - Online Money Makers That Work!

Protecting You From The Losers

I figured it was time that I share a more organized list of the different programs I use to make money online. Obviously, I'm not here to "pimp out" any of these programs; I just to share with you the ones that do work and the ones that do pay.

So, this post is dedicated to the best affiliate programs through which I make money online...and it'll be updated on a constant basis. I currently use each and every one of these programs, and I highly recommend them as they have proven to: perform very well, provide great affiliate support, and perhaps most importantly, pay on time.

Program Performance Criteria

Affiliate program performance is based on many variables, some of which include: commission percentage, commission structure, payout history, payout threshold, eCPM (Effective CPM is the revenue amount generated for every 1,000 Net impressions), ease of implementation and affiliate/program support.

This page will only feature "make money online" programs that:
  • Are honest and certain to pay on time
  • Are easy to use and implement
  • Definitely make money online
  • Have healthy payouts and/or conversion rates
  • Are affiliate-centered and willing to help you succeed
Recommended Moneymakers

CashCrate - CashCrate has a three-tiered referral program. With CashCrate, just complete free offers and get paid. Yes, it's really that simple! CashCrate also offers a referral program. Refer others to CashCrate and you get paid a percentage of their earnings.

The CashCrate referral program pays you a hefty 20% of what your direct referrals make, as well as 10% of what their referrals make! Definitely an excellent program to help you make money online with your blog or website.

Aweber - Aweber offers a two-tiered affiliate program. With Aweber, you earn 20% on all of your sales, and 10% on all of the sales made by anyone you refer to Aweber (your Aweber sub-affiliates).

To note: Aweber is considered by most (including Darren Rowse of Problogger) to be the absolute best follow-up autoresponder solution available today. Aweber offers unlimited autoresponders, unlimited newsletters and broadcast messages, subscriber management, ad tracking, and a host of other awesome features for bloggers. And best of all, Aweber pays monthly, residual commissions on all sales!

LinkBucks - Make money from your links! Any time anyone clicks one of your LinkBucks links, you make money! It's that simple. Link Bucks has designed their system so that you'll be making money in minutes.

Your Links Have Value

When you share a webpage or a file with your friends, you're making money for someone. Websites and advertising companies make millions of dollars from the traffic they receive. The viral nature of the web has unfortunately left regular web surfers out of the money-making equation...until now. Linkbucks is changing all that by paying YOU for linking to any site or page that you want. :)

Each time one of your links is clicked - you make money! And you can point your links to any webpage or website you want (here's an example). As for payment, LinkBucks payments are sent out twice per month, like clockwork (on the 1st and 15th). Once your account reaches $5.00 you can request your money.

Without a doubt, LinkBucks is probably the easiest when it comes to making money online. Gotta love it!

Bonus: LinkBucks also has a 3-tier referral program. You'll earn 10% of your direct referrals' earnings, 5% of their referrals' earnings, and 1% of their referrals' earnings. Good stuff that can add up quickly. So if you want to make money online, LinkBucks is definitely worth a look.

WorkFor3Dollars - This one is new and very simple...turn $3 into a lot of cash (up to $2,582,805, to be exact). A lot of us Yuwie users are having great success with this one, which is why I'm adding it to this list of approved programs.

Again, it's very simple. WF3D is a 3x15 forced matrix...with spillover. So when your upline has more than three referrals, you'll receive referrals (spillover) from your upline as well. I wrote a full blog post about it here on my Yuwie blog. You can also check out the comments from other folks to see that it is indeed working and paying quite nicely!

WorkFor3Dollars pays automatically through AlertPay. If you don't already have an AlertPay account, you can set up a free one here. Then head on over to Work For3Dollars and sign up with our awesome team. Bottom line, you can't lose with this one. It's already paying...and it's paying pretty damn well.

Affliate Future - Earn money from a broad range of advertisers and affiliate programs. Affiliate Future offers pay per sale (PPS), pay per click (PPC), and pay per lead (PPL) affiliate programs. Affiliate Future also offers a referral program. Refer other affiliates to Affiliate Future and earn 5% of the commissions they earn...forever.

I'll be adding more "make money online" programs here once I finish testing them for positive results. In the meantime, take care and happy money making!

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