November 4, 2007

The Latest Odd News...

Here ya go! The latest U.S. news. Weird, interesting...and always up-to-date! So check it out...

NOTE: The news videos may take a few seconds to just be patient...

The Latest News Videos

Make Money With Voxant News Feeds

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Voxant News Feed Setup:

1. Click the embed button located on the news feed (seen above)
2. Enter your email address and click I Accept. Then click Next.
3. Choose which size video player you want, and click next.
4. Click the Copy button to copy the code.
5. Paste the code on your blog and on ANY other website.
6. Then, go here to complete the registration:

Important: Revenue numbers are tracked by your email address, so don't forget to register afterwards with the SAME email address! Happy money-making!

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