December 18, 2011

Google Lets It Snow Via "Let It Snow" Google Search

Google "Let It Snow" ...And It Will Surely Snow!!!

This holiday season, Google's got a neat little Easter egg to keep you cheery...especially if you live in an area that doesn't get any snow, but would like to see some.

Just Google "let it snow" (without the quotes) and you'll be able to see some virtual snowflakes falling down your computer screen on the Google search page.

The Google Snowflake Easter Egg

If you let it snow long enough, the Google search button will actually turn into a "Defrost" button that you can use to get rid of the frost and clear your computer screen. -The snowflakes will continue to fall down the page.

Also, once the defrost button appears, you can hold down your left mouse button and use it to erase the accumulated frost...just like clearing off a real frosted window! :)

All in all, it's some fun, festive stuff from Google for the winter holidays. Enjoy!!!

Btw, just like last year, if you do a Google search for 'Hanukkah', you'll see some special decorations along the top of the page. :)

NOTE: As of this posting, Google searches for "Christmas" and "Kwanzaa" seem to be like they are normally.

September 3, 2011

Ron Paul on Fox News Sunday - Why Ron Paul Is Winning

Ron Paul News: Ron Paul On Fox News Sunday: Why Ron Paul Is Winning
I'm not gonna write a whole lot here...just watch the video.

But I should note that there are a few things that stand out...

One, being when Chris Wallace (an American journalist and current host of the Fox Network program, Fox News Sunday) brings up some recent presidential election poll results.

"...And in a match up with President Obama, you 're now basically even at 47 percent to 45.

Question: what's going on here? Why are you gaining such traction this year?"

Ron Paul's Response: "Well, because it's a good idea. And it's the American ideal. But, I'm fascinated with your word "unconventional." Isn't it strange that we can apply that term to freedom and liberty and the Constitution and limited government and balanced budget?

You're proposing this "unconventional" idea of government...Well, I think you're right about it...under today's circumstances, it has been unconventional for probably, for about 50 years, but right now the Tea Party movement and the Independents in this country and the people who are caring about our bankruptcy, they, they think that what we've had is unconventional with regards to our Constitution and the principles of liberty.

So yes, people are waking up and they're saying, 'Yeah, Ron Paul's right!' Why are we fighting all these undeclared wars, and why do we have a Federal Reserve that bails out the rich and dumps on the poor, and why is it that deficits don't really matter and politicians just stand around and talk that they're gonna nibble away at a budget deficit that's ten years out.

So no, this is  a very popular philosophy...and it's not my philosophy. It's the philosophy of the Constitution. It's the philosophy of liberty, private property rights, and not dependency on government. That's is the big thing. People are supposed to assume some responsibility for themselves in a free society."

More Questions For Ron Paul

And another, when Chris Wallace asks, "Are you in this to win it, or is it enough for you to just shape the debate?"

Ron Paul's response: "Yes, I'm in it to win it. And you're absolutely right; I do say that I'm more interested in influencing power...Matter of fact, as president I would reduce the power of government. I wouldn't seek it. I would never take the power from the congress. I would not go to war without congressional approval.

So yeah, I resent the power that has, uh, galvanized in the executive branch and the judicial system, and I would want to shrink the size of government. So, that isn't exactly right. That doesn't mean I don't want to win. It means I want a new approach, uh, you know, at least form current standards, for the presidency...

I want to obey the Constitution, and follow its very great restrictions on the government. The Constitution was written to restrict the government, not to restrict the people. Now it's turned around; we use government to restrict the all I would like to reverse that."

Bottom Line?

Bottom line, if you want an honest guy as president...FOR ONCE...then Ron Paul is the only obvious choice. For real.

August 17, 2011

Get Free Coupons & Free Samples with FreeFlys! (FreeFlys Review)

Get Free Coupons and Free Samples!

With the economy the way it is currently, countless people are searching for ways to save money...and better yet, to even get things for free. And one of the best/easiest ways to achieve this (as most of us know) is with coupons and free product samples.

Enter, FreeFlys.

FreeFlys is the largest coupon and free samples website around, offering free coupons, free samples of brand name products and a whole lot more...and all for free! With FreeFlys you'll have access to endless coupons that you can print out on your computer, as well as free samples of brand name products you can keep and use. And best of all, it's totally free! :)

Save Money on Countless Products

With FreeFlys you can easily save hundreds, and even thousands of dollars, on the brand name products that you use every day. With FreeFlys' free coupons and free samples you can save money on food and groceries, health care products, household products, pet care products, restaurant dinners, office supplies, home entertainment, flowers and gifts, books and magazines, automotive products and services, etc.

Brand Name Products, Not Junk

The best thing about FreeFlys is that it'll save you money on brand name products. We're not talking generic nonsense here; we're talking about real brand name stuff. For example, some of the top name brands that FreeFlys will give you coupons and free stuff for are:

Disney, Dominos Pizza, Dove (soap, lotion, etc.), Pillsbury, General Mills, Sears, Walgreens, Weight Watchers, Yoplait, Minute Maid, Seattle's Best Coffee, Glade, Kleenex, IHOP, Quiznos, Chili's, Pampers, Vanity Fair, Dr. Scholls, Miramax Films, LensCrafters, Pearle Vision, ADT, Mattress Giant, AutoWay, VistaPrint, etc.

The list goes on and on and on.

FreeFlys Review - Ease of Use

FreeFlys is definitely simple to use...

• Coupons: You can easily print out the coupons you want, and then use them at your convenience at your local store. Endless coupons, endless savings.
• Free samples: You get them in the mail, obviously.

Note: There is no limit to the number of free samples you can get. You can get as many free samples from the FreeFlys free samples list as you want. So go ahead - Login or register and get all the freebies you want. The free stuff never ends!

Some FreeFlys Coupon Samples

Here's a sample of some of the coupons you'll have access to and be able to print out...

 FreeFlys Bonus - Get Paid for Your Opinion!

FreeFlys also offers you an opportunity to make money by giving your opinion. When you login to FreeFlys, you'll see their featured surveys. Not only do you get to voice your opinion on things, but you also GET PAID for doing so! FreeFlys also awards prizes for filling out their featured surveys. Personally, I haven't tried them yet, but I'm sure it's worth the time.

August 6, 2011

Mr. Bean Crashes His McLaren F1 Supercar

Mr. Bean Crashes His McLaren F1 Sports Car

Rowan Atkinson (a.k.a. Mr. Bean) crashed his $1 million McLaren F1 on Thursday, unjuring his shoulder when his car hit a tree and a lamp post on the A605 in Haddon, Cambridgeshire, England. The car then caught on fire.

Rowan Atkinson was able to walk away from the crash all on his own, and was then kept company by a passing motorist until fire and rescue crews arrived. Crews from the Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service brought the fire under control, and Mr. Bean took a trip to the hospital. Thankfully, he was released the next day.

The McLaren F1 is one of the world's fastest cars, with a top speed of 231 mph with its rev limiter on, and 240 mph with its rev limiter removed. Atkinson's McLaren F1 was on of only about 65 in existence worldwide.

But Mr. Bean Really Is A Good Driver!

Actually, he is. For real. He's a well-known car enthusiast and owns vintage and classic cars, including Aston Martins and Rolls Royces. He also recently recorded the fastest lap time on Top Gear's Star in a Reasonably Priced Car. You can see him do it in the video below...

Car Enthusiast and Star of Blackadder, Rowan Atkinson, Breaks Top Gear Fastest Lap Record

In this YouTube clip from the BBC, the Blackadder actor clocks the fastest time time ever on Top Gear. His record-setting lap time was 1 minute and 42.2 seconds. Brilliant!

July 15, 2011

First Ron Paul Ad Looks Like A Movie Trailer

First Ron Paul Ad Looks Like A Movie Trailer

Congressman Ron Paul debuted his first television ad for the 2012 presidential campaign...and it looks like a movie trailer! And just like a "real" movie trailer, it begins with a notice stating that "the following preview has been approved for all audiences."

IMHO, it's pretty cool for a political ad. Quite different. I just wish there was an excerpt or two from some of his speeches included in it. Personally, I'd like to see more "Ron Paul" in a Ron Paul ad. I think it would add a bit more character to the ad, as well as exemplify his honesty...not to mention, his long history as the one politician who doesn't act like a "politician."

The Ron Paul campaign invested six figures in this, its first television ad buy, according to the campaign's chairman, Jesse Benton. The 65-second spot began airing today in Iowa and New Hampshire, two of the early-voting states.
This is just the latest step in Dr. Ron Paul's increasingly serious 2012 presidential campaign. And you can bet he's darn serious. In terms of his presidential bid, he's all in and focusing 100% on the presidential race. And on Tuesday, he verified this on his Twitter page by tweeting that he will not run for re-election to Congress in 2012.

Bottom line, Ron Paul, the 12-term Republican congressman, is in it all the way. He won't have to worry about running TWO election campaigns this time; he's concentrating solely on the 2012 presidential campaign.

About the Ron Paul Presidential Campaign Ad

The ad spot is definitely timely, attacking the current negotiations regarding the debt ceiling. It highlights his long history of standing up to the "Washington Machine," and his role as the national leader of the strong opposition movement against raising the country's debt ceiling even higher...yet again!

Here's a transcript of the ad:

"In the 80's, they did it to Reagan...a debt ceiling compromise. Democrats promising spending cuts, but delivering only tax hikes. The 90's brought more compromises, more broken promises and more new taxes.

This August, the next chapter will be written. A defining moment...

$14 trillion in debt. Millions unemployed. The dollar in decline. We know where they stand, but will our party's leaders repeat the mistakes of the past? Will they choose compromise...or conviction?

One candidate has always been true. Ron Paul. -Cut spending, balance the budget, no deals. Standing up to the Washington Machine...guided by principal. Restore America now. I'm Ron Paul and I approved this message."

Your Thoughts?

So what do you think about this first Ron Paul ad? Did you like it? Did you not like it? Not sure? Please let us know in the comments section below!

June 26, 2011

CPA Networks - The Best CPA Networks of 2011 - Part 1

CPA Networks - The Best CPA Networks of 2011 - Part 1

Like most website owners, blog owners and affiliate marketers, you're probably looking for the best CPA (Cost Per Action) networks out there. And like most, you've probably searched high and low in order to find them.

The good news? There are really only a few CPA networks worth their salt...and I know exactly which ones they are. Through trial and error, I've been able to distinguish between the CPA networks that will help you make money online and the CPA networks that won't help you make money online.

Truth be told, there are only a few CPA networks worth their salt when it comes to making money online. And by that, I mean, there are only a few CPA networks that actually fulfill all the needs of affiliate marketers, website owners and bloggers. Those needs? See below...

Essential CPA Network Qualities To Look For

• Recognition within the CPA/Affiliate Marketing Industry
• The number of CPA affiliates who are actually active
• The number of CPA offers that are available
• Offer payout levels - look for high CPA offer payouts
• Multiple payouts methods - check, PayPal, direct deposit, etc.
• Does the CPA network pay on time?
• Great user interface and tracking systems
• Great AM support (Great Affiliate Manager support)
• The number of countries for which they have CPA offers available
• Minimum payout thresholds - Look for $100 or less
• CPA offer landing pages - look for pages that will convert well

Best CPA Networks of 2011 - Part 1

So with that all covered, now it's time to actually reveal the best CPA networks of 2011...

Please note that this list may change as time goes on. That's because I'm constantly monitoring my earnings each and every day  across various CPA networks. And that's the way it should be! :)

1. - Neverblue is always a top contender when it comes to the best CPA networks. With their great tracking system, programs and offers you couldn't get anywhere else, Neverblue tops this list for now. In addition, they take their top affiliates somewhere around the world (twice a year) for a great vacation and get them really drunk. Yeah, so what else do you need to know about Neverblue? :P
2. - Again, one of the very best you could work with when it comes to CPA marketing. MaxBounty has many, many unique offers that pay out very, very well! Additionally, their "Search Campaigns" tool is superb. It allows you to easily search for and view available campaigns, be they incentive offers, or not.
3. - is also pretty killer when it comes to CPA marketing. With detailed campaign offers and high payouts, is definitely topnotch when it comes to CPA networks.

The Best CPA Networks Bottomline

Bottom line, you can't go wrong with any of these CPA networks. They each rock and pay out very well when it comes to making money online with CPA offers.

NOTE: I do suggest that you sign up with all three of them and play around with their CPA campaign search mechanisms to see which offers you can work with the best. Personally, I use all three of them, all the time. I simply select the CPA offers I want to advertise, and then I cash in. :)

June 20, 2011

Mother Mother "Problems" - A Killer New Song

Mother Mother "Problems" - A Killer New Song

So I'm just sitting here, updating my blog and listening to iTunes (as usual), when I hear this really cool, catchy and upbeat song. And I really really like it! But having never heard it before, nor recognizing any of the artists performing it, I'm obviously very curious.

So I maximize my iTunes window to see the song title and the artist. And then I Google it (naturally) in order to find out more about the song and the band performing it.

The song? Well, it's performed by a five-piece Canadian indie rock band that's originally from Quadra Island (an island off the eastern coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada), and now based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The band's name is Mother Mother, and the song is called "Problems." It's from their third album, Eureka, which was released on March 15, 2011. Personally, I've never heard of them before, but this song is definitely a nice intro to their musical craft.

Take a listen here on YouTube.. It's pretty damn catchy, if you ask me...

YouTube Video: Mother Mother - Problems

Song Lyrics: Mother Mother "Problems"

Here are some of the lyrics to the Mother Mother "Problems" song.

You and me, we're not the same.
I am a sinner; you are a saint.
When we get to the pearly gate,
You'll get the green light,
I'll get the old door in the face.

I'm a loser, a disgrace.
I found love in the strangest place,
Tied up and branded, locked in a cage.
I say I'm gonna stage a great escape.
Let loose and love all, thank god we're vaguely out of place (this line is unintelligible, so that's my best guess).
I'm a loser, a disgrace.
You're a beauty, a luminary, in my face.

I've got a lot, but not a lot, I gotta a lot less than a lot.
I've got problems,
Not just ones that are little.
It's those people problems,
It's something to consider,
When you come for dinner at my place.


I seem to find myself with the craziest of dames.
They get the ball on me,
I do forget the chains.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Some say strange be a stranger's game,
Some go to baseball,
Some go to base, a base they can't seem to save (again, unintelligible, so I'm adding my personal, poetic license to it).

I'm a loser' a disgrace,
You're a beauty, a luminary, in my face.

So yeah, I like this song. It's pretty killer all around...except that I DO wish that they kept with the meter/pace throughout the entire song. For example, in the "I've got problems, not just" and "it's those people problems" lines (at the 1:04 and 1:14 marks, respectively), the chorus and words slow down drastically, suddenly interrupting and disrupting the awesome meter/rhythm that rest of the song has.

If I were a producer, I'd omit/redo those parts for sure. Nonetheless, this song is pretty awesome, IMHO.

The Mother Mother Official Band Page and Website

To check out the band Mother Mother, just go to their official band page Mother Mother

Ron Paul Wins the RLC Straw Poll by a Landslide

Ron Paul Wins the RLC Straw Poll by a Landslide

Dr. Ron Paul, the Republican (and more importantly, Libertarian!) Congressman from Texas, won the Republican Leadership Conference (RLC) straw poll in New Orleans on Saturday. And he won it by a landslide.

Here are the full straw poll results: Ron Paul (612 votes), Jon Huntsman (382 votes), Michele Bachmann (191 votes), Herman Cain (104 votes), Mitt Romney (74 votes), Newt Gingrich (69 votes), Sarah Palin (41 votes), Rick Santorum (30 votes), Tim Pawlenty (18 votes), Gary Johnson (10 votes), Buddy Roemer (9 votes), and Thaddeus McCotter (2 votes).

Straw poll votes by percentage: Ron Paul (39.69%), Jon Huntsman (24.77%), Michele Bachmann (12.39%), Herman Cain (6.74%), Mitt Romney (4.80%), Newt Gingrich (4.47%), Sarah Palin (2.66%), Rick Santorum (1.95%, Tim Pawlenty (1.17%), Gary Johnson (0.65%, Buddy Roemer (0.58%), and Thaddeus McCotter (0.13%).

And for those who prefer to watch as well, here's a YouTube video in which the straw poll results are read off at the conference...

Ron Paul Video - Straw Poll Results

Jon Huntsman came in second place, but that may be due to the his campaign apparently buying tickets for his young backers and bussing in a large group of college students. According to various news reports, Huntsman's campaign people did not deny spending money in order to boost his performance in the straw poll.

You can learn more about Congressman Ron Paul and his 2012 presidential campaign on his website Ron Paul 2012.

May 29, 2011

George Takei vs. Tennessee's "Don't Say Gay" Bill

YouTube Video: George Takei vs. Tennessee's "Don't Say Gay" Bill

George Takei vs. Tennessee's "Don't Say Gay" Bill

Star Trek's George Takei takes on the Tennessee Legislature and its "Don't Say Gay" the way only George Takei can!

A bill that is now pending in Tennessee would prohibit teachers in Tennessee from discussing homosexuality in the classroom. The so-called "don't say gay" law is premised on the misguided belief that, by not talking about gay people, they will simply disappear.

Well, George Takei is here to tell the state of Tennessee, as well as all the LGBT youths and teachers who would be affected by this law, that he is here for you...and he is lending his name to the cause. So any time you need to say the word "gay," you can simply say "Takei" instead!

Perhaps this will show the Tennessee legislatures that censorship and bigotry are bogus, and that teaching such censorship and bigotry in the classroom is not only bogus, but un-American. And it will not be tolerated.

Personally, I'm not gay. But I really think this country needs to get out of the dark ages and stop with all the anti-homosexual nonsense. It's really pathetic.

March 11, 2011

The Charlie Sheen Machete Video

The Charlie Sheen Machete Video

In case you're trying to find the Charlie Sheen machete video...well, here it is!

As you can see in the video, Charlie Sheen holds up a machete and waves it around while he's on the roof of the Live Nation office building, located in Beverly Hills, California.

Apparently, Charlie Sheen's machete-waving antics were for the purpose of letting the world know just how he feels about being fired from CBS hit series "Two and a Half Men."

He also drank something from a bottle that he self-labeled "Tiger Blood." Though, that so-called "Tiger Blood" is really nothing more than some friggin' fruit juice made from the mangosteen fruit, a fruit that is grown primarily in South-East Asia. I guess alcohol was off the list or something.

Basically, his bottle of "Tiger Blood" was nothing more than a bottle of XANGO juice...a juice that is marketed through "network marketing" (also known as MLM or Multi-level Marketing) strategies. And btw, the makers of XANGO juice want NOTHING to do with Charlie Sheen!

A XANGO spokesperson said that the XANGO company had "no commercial arrangement with Charlie Sheen, nor would it consider any formal association with the actor".

Charlie Sheen Suing Warner Brothers

And though Charlie Sheen is suing Warner Brothers and "Two and a Half Men" TV show producer Chuck Lorre for $100 million, when he was asked about how he felt about losing his job, Charlie Sheen paraphrased Martin Luther King Jr., saying, "Free at last, free at last!"

Hmmm. So does he really feel wronged, or is this just a money and publicity grab?! Personally, I thinks it's the latter. Why? Because no one...NO ONE...who truly feels wronged talks about being "free" or "free at last!"

Sheen also told TMZ (in his recent fucknut, total-shit-in-the-brains, winning-but-totally-delusional-and-NOT-winning way) that he was suing Warner Bros. because "They continue to be in breach, like so many whales. It is a big day of gladness at the Sober Valley Lodge because now I can take all of the bazillions..."

OK, whatever, dude. Bottom line, Charlie Sheen has lost it, IMHO. Methinks he's read too many message board posts about trolls and noobies and newfags. I think the Internet (and past drug use) has taken over his brain and created an endless "meme" in his own head that he thinks is winning like over 9000!!1!!!11

Nonetheless, here's the Charlie Sheen Machete Video, which you probably came her for anyway...

The Charlie Sheen Machete Video

January 20, 2011

Google Logo - 50th Anniversary of JFK's Inaugural Address

Google Logo - 50th Anniversary of JFK's Inaugural Address

Google, Inc. is at it yet again. This time, the California-based Mountain View company is commemorating the 50th anniversary of John F. Kennedy's Inaugural Address with its homepage logo. And the logo is quite astounding.

Formulated from a bunch of words, like: civility, nation, effort, hop, peace, unite and country, the logo exemplifies Google's creativity and insightfulness when it comes to choosing a Google logo of historic significance.

Striking and thought-provoking, the JFK logo is a hit. Simple, yet ornate, Google has really outdone itself this time. It's the first time (that I know of) that Google has created a logo that is almost entirely comprised of words...words that create the overall image.

In summation, I thinks it's cool.

What Words Are In It?

So, what are all the words that make up the JFK 50th Inaugural Address logo? Well, here they are: us, what, any, we, our, devotion, deeds, light, offer, time, writ, ask, of, civility, citizens, of, the, greater, nation, world, more, progress, globe, liberty, alter, endeavor, fruitful, you, glow, now, effort, can do, quest, for, peace, may, oath, help, truly, shall, energy, help, us, anew, heritage, renew, let, your, origins, free, good, deeds, new, know, pledge, unite, success, both, friend, sides, tap, who, rejoicing, for, be, your, he, and country.

John F. Kennedy's Inaugural Address

JFK's Inaugural Address is considered by many to be on of the best speeches in U.S. history, and this logo by Google is comprised of several keywords that are found throughout his famous inaugural address.

For example, etched in stone at John F. Kennedy's Arlington National Cemetery gravesite, JFK's most famous and most well-known words read:

"And so my fellow Americans — ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.

My fellow citizens of the world — ask not what America will do for you. But what together we can do for the freedom of man.”

Google's JFK logo is here to remind all of us that his beautiful speech lives on...and, that we must still work together to ensure our freedoms...especially those of peace and liberty!