April 17, 2009

Dominos Missed Their Wakeup Call!

Domino's Missed Their Wakeup Call!

So in my last post, I wrote about the "Disgusting Dominos People Video." You know, the Dominos Youtube video that's totally gone viral - much to the dismay of Domino's execs and shareholders (not to mention, pizza fetishists) everywhere.

Well, here's the "as promised" follow-up blog post to this recent Donimos food nightmare.

Long story short, here's what happened:

1. Two fukwits record themselves (on video) tampering (supposedly) with Dominos food orders.
2. Said fukwits post said video to YouTube.
3. Said video ignites total shitstorm and PR nightmare for Dominos.
4. Dominos responds via lameass and excruciatingly boring YouTube video.
5. Natalie Portman asks me to marry her.

NOTE: Yes, I am aware that it should be "Domino's." But for the sake of SEO, I'm using the more common spelling (err, misspelling), "Dominos." Jeez, I need to be able to get at least some visitors to this shitcake crapblog somehow! :P

And no, I did not say "Yes" to Natalie. -Still dealing with some major male vs. female role identification issues. :P

Anyway, here's the Donimo's video response to the incident...

Disgusting Dominos People
Domino's Responds

First of all, my response: Once this hit "teh internets," there was no way I could keep from commenting on YouTube. My comment to Domono's and their response video was pretty much as follows:

LOL, if you've ever worked a restaurant or fast food joint, you know that this is NOT an "isolated incident." :P

Btw, you shouldn't be reexamining your hiring practices, but rather, your PAYING and employee treatment practices!

Anyone with half a brain (and/or access to job performance studies and worker-related issues) knows that employees who are paid fairly and treated fairly do NOT do stuff like this.

But your industry is very well known for it...and there are several reasons why.

Here's What Else I Thought

1. Hey! Camera's over here! Hello, hello!
2. Isolated incident? LOL, break the pill in half the next time before you take it.
3. Felony warrants out for their arrest? Hmm, sounds a bit like overkill to me. But if that's the law, then I guess it should be followed. Still sounds a bit extreme for something that happens every day in restaurants all over the nation. Disgusting? Yes. A felony? Dunno.
4. "The store has been shut down and sanitized from top to bottom." Good to know...if that's actually what happened. In knowing the industry, that's quite unlikely. More like they just cleaned a couple of things.
5. Reexamining all of your hiring practices? LOL. Instead, you should be reexamining your paying and employee treatment practices! As I stated above, it's a well-known fact that emplyoees who are paid fairly and treated fairly do NOT act like this.
6. Obviously, you're wasting valuable money on your "auditors." Or, I guess that "day in and day out" didn't apply to that part of the nation. Either way, it's a FAILED system and it's time to wake up and address that.

Simpe fix: Pay your employees a decent wage, treat them fairly, and you won't have to deal with stuff like this.

7. "It sickens me, that the actions of two individuals could impact our great system." -Obviously NOT a great system then, eh? Let's see, just TWO people out of 125,000 workers in 60 different countries around the world had this effect?! Holy frosted nutcakes! Time to reexamine the system methinks.
8. Yes, you DO take "tremendous pride" in crafting delicious food, and we DO appreciate that.

Domino's Still Missing The Boat

But you're still totally missing the boat as to WHY this sorta thing happened to begin with. Solution: Listen to your workers. Pay a decent wage and treat your employees like they really matter! Once you do this, you won't have problems like these. Or at least they won't be so commonplace...as we all know they are.

Disgusting Dominos People Video

Disgusting Dominos People

Disgusting Dominos People - Here's the video that's quickly making its way across teh internets...virally. It shows a Dominos worker doing some rather "unsanitary" things to peoples' food. -You know, the ole booger, sneeze and fart thing. Yum, yum!

In case the video has been deleted by YouTube, I've supplied some alternate "Disgusting Dominos People" links below, as well as some other info. regarding this case...or, as I call it, "The Dirty Dominos Debacle."

The Disgusting Dominos People Video
Buggers, Farts...and Yeah

Dominos - Cheese and Peppers Up The Nose

Domino's Emplyoees Do Disgusting Things To The Food, Put It On YouTube.

The Consumerist: "Here are three clips of Christie Kristy and Michael, a couple of not-that-bright idiots getting themselves fired, and quite possible sued, by doing unsanitary things to customers' orders on camera while their manager sits in the back reading the newspaper. "Whiteair2" posted them to YouTube in the last day, and now everyone knows that Michael likes to put cheese and peppers up his nose."

Disgusting Dominos Employees Tracked Down

Apparently, two Consumerist readers (Amy Wilson and whyerhead) managed to track down (via some stellar-ass online sleuthing) the specific Donimo's location in which this booger-sneeze-fart-food incident took place, and alerted Domino's corporate offices. Good for them. Hopefully, Dominos will give them some free pizza and stuff. If not, then fuk Dominos forever.

Gross Dominos Videos Just a Prank

So, as more and more things come to light, the apparent "food defilers" say that this was all just a prank...which is why they posted it on YouTube in the first place. So was it? Who knows. All I can say is that I'm just glad that they didn't do any of the other MANY popular "fukking-with-your-food" things that take place every day in countless food establishments across the nation. :P

Stay Tuned, Bitchez!

For more on this, stay tuned! I'm just about to post on the dipshit Dominos corporate video response to all of this. LOL @ their acting like this is something sooo out of the ordinary. Corporate fukwits. :P