June 29, 2006

Seth Godin: A Lesson Learned at the Mall...

A Lesson Learned at the Mall

Seth Godin is a bestselling author, entrepreneur and agent of change. He's the author of Unleashing the Ideavirus, which is the most popular ebook ever written.

Here's an example of why Seth knows his marketing stuff all the way to the core. It's observations like these that have made him so wealthy...

Seth Godin:

A lesson learned at the mall

Retailers that spend on real estate, win.

The most expensive real estate in my county is a mall filled with stores. And those stores are jammed with shoppers. Almost none of them fold, none of them appear to be struggling. Almost all of them are expensive.

Two blocks away, independent stores, stores that cheaped-out on their real estate investment, those guys are struggling.

Well, you're not in retail, maybe, or you're virtual, so what difference does this make to you?

Question: what's your "real estate"?

For most of us, it's people.

Expensive people are just like expensive real estate. If you invest in them, you may just find they pay off. Some businesses work as hard as they can to pay people as little as they can (witness the fights over the minimum wage). What sort of growing business wants the minimum wage? If your business is people-based, as opposed to machine-based, why wouldn't you want people who command more than the minimum?

June 28, 2006

MLM Training: MLM Success Through Humor...

Here's great story I came across on the MLM Training blog. It shows (in a very entertaining way) exactly what to do in order to achieve success in MLM.

"Within a year Peter had 1000 people in his downline and a solid, passive residual income. It's now a decade later and Peter has over 25,000 people in his downline. It does over $10,000 a day in production. Not bad, eh?"

MLM Training:

I Signed Up My First MLM Recruit.... Now What Do I Do?

I called my buddy Peter and said, "Hey, what's your visa number?"

Pete was silent for a minute. "Who is this?" he said, only half jokingly.

"It's me. You and I are getting involved again in multi-level. We're going to get rich. I'm serious."

That was it. Pretty much. I left out the part of him growling, grinding his teeth, grilling me on the comp plan, and the like. But since I was in, he was in.

I did a little dance. I call it the "I Got One!" dance. It's a little jig-like. You bounce on your left leg twice, then on your right leg twice, then spin around and pretend to spike the football in the end zone, all the while singing loudly, "I got one, I got one!".

So I got my buddy Pete in. Now what?

Here's a little quiz. Pretend you're me. What do you do?

a) Run an ad halfway across the country.

b) buy some dead genealogy lead lists half way across the country.

c) load 5000 emails into your Spaminator 3000.

d) help Peter make a list, help him call the list, and show presentations to his list.

Believe it or not, I picked D. Pete and I showed the plan to his buddy Eric. Eric got in. Eric and Peter showed the plan to his buddy Fabio. Fabio got in. Peter, Eric and I showed the plan to a lady named Christine. Christine got in. Eric and I showed the plan to Mario. Mario threw us out of his house. Then he got in later.

And so it went. Within a year Peter had 1000 people in his downline and a solid, passive residual income. It's now a decade later and Peter has over 25,000 people in his downline. It does over $10,000 a day in production. Not bad, eh?

I just signed a new kid named Josh. Josh is 28, hates his job, his wife hates her job, and they are expecting a baby in about 90 days. Let's take a quiz.

What should I do with Josh?

a) ignore him and hope he figures it out on his own.

b) go join a new mlm deal because mine is 14 years old.

c) load 50,000 emails into a Spaminator Mark II.

d) help Josh make a list, help him call the list, and show presentations to his list.

I picked D again. Josh and I showed the plan to Darnell. He got in. Josh and Darnell showed it to Duane. Duane is 6 foot 7. He got in. Now I have a bodyguard....want to bet the leg has 1000 people in it by this time next year?

Oh yeah...I taught Josh the dance too.

June 25, 2006

Genealogy Leads May Lead To Trouble...

The topic of MLM Genealogy Leads has popped up again in the home based business world, so it's important that I resurrect the following helpful information from the Home Business Today archives...

What Are MLM Genealogy Leads?

MLM Genealogy Leads are basically the names, phone numbers and email addresses of people from an MLM (Net work Marketing/home based business) company that is no longer in business.

They can be acquired through contacts within the MLM company that dissolved, or a list can be purchased from a third-party company.

So basically, they're "harvested" leads. And because of how these leads "harvested," and because these leads didn't request to be contacted, I suggest NOT using them. And here's why...

Problems With Using Genealogy Leads

Aside from the National Do Not Call Registry, some states have recently passed their own Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE) laws. Sending an Unsolicited Commercial Email from one of those states, or, to a resident of one of those states is illegal. Penalties include fines, and in some cases, a jail sentence.

And if you're calling them by phone (whether speaking live, or leaving a prerecorded message) then you're really taking a risk. Calling someone on the DNC list is not only illegal, but carries with it fines of up to $11,000 per violation. Not good.

So my question is...

Even if you do get some results with MLM genealogy leads, why on earth would you choose to do anything in your home based business that's potentially illegal?

Bottom line, I don't want people contacting me without my permission, so I certainly wouldn't contact people without theirs!

June 23, 2006

Bush and Blair at the Gay Bar


At the Gay Bar...

Here's some good comic relief. A little video clip titled, "Bush and Blair: At the Gay Bar." Hmmm, that sounds like it could spell trouble. :P

Anyway, I couldn't resist posting this. And apparently, both Bush fans AND Bush-bashers have gotten a kick out of this video, so I figured I'd share it. All I can say is that it's definitely original!

So have a laugh and a look-see for youself...

Bush and Blair: At the Gay Bar

Want another laugh? Take a peak at this one...

Anyway, there's this week's comic relief! :)

And remember, no matter how busy you are, it's important to take the time to laugh. It'll give you a healthier mind and a healthier body, which in turn will give you a healthier business and much healtheir future!

June 22, 2006

Gasoline Additives... The Plot Thickens!


Now it seems that Omstar 1280X has crawled into a snakepit. They are selling product to aaTCM - AA Turbo Charge Marketing, Inc. A massive email blast by Phil Piccolo (click for Phil’s history) laid claim that he’s the mastermind behind aaTCM. It’s verified that Piccolo is trying selling regional positions for big bucks.

If anyone is fooled by Phil’s Christian b.s. I have a tape were he called my wife several years ago. It is so vile we would have to hide the Audio from Women and kids. Does this product have the required EPA test for gasoline engines? SEE LATEST SHOCKING NEWS FOR ADDITIVE SELLERS!

Related Terms: Omstar D-1280X, Fuel Conditioner, Fuel Additive

June 17, 2006

BioPerformance Scam Finally Dead...

BioPerFormance Finally Dead

Well, I guess it's safe to say that the BioPerformance home business scam is totally dead now. The company website hasn't been updated since May 26th, even though the company had promised to keep their distributors updated "daily" regarding the lawsuit with the Texas Attorney General.

Hmmm, the Attorney General won its injunction back on June 2nd... So why hasn't BioPerformance updated their "daily bulletin" since May? Probably because, well, they're crooks!

BioPerformance Lawsuit History:

June 4, 2006

Coffee Makes Us Say Yes?

Does Coffee Make Us Say Yes?
Coffeeheads Beware!

Look out coffeeheads (myself included), for you may be under a spell. Yes, a powerful and persuasive spell from your dark master, the coffee bean.

Say what???

OK, here's what I'm talking about...

If you want to bring people around to your way of thinking, then you might just want to make sure that they've got a cup of coffee in their hands!

According to new research, caffeine makes us more open to persuasion...

Australian researchers now say that a caffeine hit enhances our ability to process information and increases the extent to which we listen to and internalize a persuasive message.

Advertising and Caffeine

Co-author Dr. Blake McKimmie says the research suggests that caffeine increases our ability to scrutinize the content of a message.

Because of this, the study has implications for advertisers because it suggests that they may benefit from scheduling ads for times when people are likely to be consuming caffeine, such as in the morning.

But to note... too much caffeine makes us more likely to be distracted by peripheral factors, rather than the strength of the actual message.

"So if you're looking at an advertisement, you may be more distracted by the attractiveness of the person selling it than the actual product," he said.


"Caffeine, for a brief time, will increase your ability to concentrate and take in new information. When voluntary subjects were given a persuasive argument on a controversial topic after having coffee, they were more likely to agree with it than they were before they had the drink.

They were also far more likely to be persuaded than the non-caffeinated control group. The subjects who had the caffeine processed all the information that was given to them in the argument, instead of relying on their preconceptions and simply ignoring the bits that they did not want to hear.

The researchers said that this information could be of great use to advertisers, who should attempt to get their ads seen in the mornings, when people are likely to be drinking coffee..."

News in Science:

"The experiments showed that 'caffeine increases persuasion through instigating systematic processing of the message.'

But caffeine also puts people in a better mood, which makes them more likely to agree with a message, the researchers say..."

Photo by Nicole Weston

June 3, 2006

Free Keyword Density Tool - ABAKUS Topword

Want to analyze the keyword density of a webpage so you can "tweak" it for optimum search engine results?

Then the free ABAKUS Topword V.1 might be just what you're looking for!

It gives you a list of the keywords and keyword phrases that are most likely to get the highest rankings on major search engines.

ABAKUS Topword V.1 will also analyze your meta description/keyword and title tags, and then through color coding, inform you of words and/or phrases that should be included.

This tool is super for checking your website optimization and "tweaking" your existing websites to rank well. Enjoy!

FFI Investigated by Florida Attorney General...

More bad news for the gas additives industry. First BioPerformance, and now Fuel Freedom International (FFI). Yep, FFI is now being investigated by Florida Attorney General, Charlie Crist.

Florida AG's Office:

"Allegation or issue being investigated:

Unfair/deceptive business practices in the sale of product that purports to make gasoline burn with greater efficiency without independent scientific testing to substantiate claim. Further, product is sold/distributed by means of multi-level marketing whereby the compensation is not based primarily on volume of bona fide sales. Possible violations of Florida Unfair or Deceptive Trade Practices Act, F.S. 501.201. et. seq., production and/or soliciting on behalf of a chain letter or pyramid club (F.S. 849.091).

Status of case:
Investigation opened

Subject's position:
No response at this time

AG unit handling case:
Economic Crimes Division in Orlando, Florida"

FFI's contact info:

Fuel Freedom International, LLC.
650 Douglas Avenue, Suite 1040
Altamonte Springs, FL 32714

Phone: (407) 682-0060
Email: support@myffi.biz

David Matichak is the President of Fuel Freedom International (FFI).

FFI in the News:

May 15, 2006: FFI gas Pills - Consumer Alert

BioPerformance Scam Loses In Court...

BioPerformance Scam
-A Tough Pill to Swallow-

The courtroom testimonies of BioPerformance President, Lowell Mims and Vice President, Gustavo Romero, revealed that they each pocketed millions of dollars from corporate accounts and bought lavish gifts through an illegal scheme.

On Thursday, the Texas Attorney General's office won an injunction against BioPerformance, Inc. The injunction prevents the company from marketing its BioPerformance Fuel pills.

It also freezes the assets of Lowell Mims and Gustavo Romero, which total over $7,000,000. Not surprisingly, neither Mims nor Romero could be reached for comment.

A spokesman for Attorney General Greg Abbott stated that the ruling paves the way for a civil trial to proceed against the company.

"Attorney General Abbott Prevails In Ongoing Effort To Halt The Sale Of Bogus BioPerformance Fuel Pill

SAN ANTONIO- Attorney General Greg Abbott hailed a state district court’s decision today upholding his injunction against Dallas-based BioPerformance and its owners Lowell Mims and Gustavo Gus Romero.

The temporary injunction issued today by the court continues to bar the defendants from accessing millions of dollars wrongly diverted for personal uses from this illegal pyramid. These funds were frozen when Attorney General Abbott sued BioPerformance on May 16. The court order states the fuel pill marketed and sold by BioPerformance does not increase fuel economy, nor does it reduce harmful emissions. It also orders BioPerformance to cease marketing the fuel pill as a product that improves gas mileage..."

Admitted Under Oath:

"...During the three-day hearing in San Antonio, both defendant's admitted under oath that since the company’s inception in December 2005 they each took millions of dollars from the BioPerformance corporate accounts and deposited them into their personal accounts.

These dividends included the creation of trust funds of $2.7 million by Mims and $2.4 million by Romero, each for personal use by the defendants’ families. Both Mims and Romero admitted they personally diverted at least $7.4 million in money from the sale of the bogus fuel efficiency pills.

Mims stated that he made several lavish purchases with the dividends he deposited into his account, including $90,000 for a Humvee vehicle, $60,000 for matching Rolex watches for himself and his wife, and a $160,000 payoff of his home mortgage.

Defendant Romero admitted that his purchases with BioPerformance money included about $40,000 for a BMW, $15,000 for a ring for his wife, and a $50,000 down payment for a swimming pool for his home.

The evidence presented by the Office of the Attorney General also showed that Romero wired hundreds of thousands of dollars to his brother in Mexico, the purported broker that supplied BioPerformance with its raw materials -- powdered naphthalene. Romero said in court that it cost the company about $4 to manufacture each 40 pill bottle, which on its Web site BioPerformance suggested should retail for approximately $50, a markup in excess of 1,000 percent...."

Temporary Injunction:

You can read the actual injunction (PDF file) here. It truly reveals some really disturbing facts.

BioPerformance Thus Far:

June 2, 2006

BioPerformance Lawsuit Court Updates...

In court on Wednesday, the State of Texas suggested that Lowell Mims, President of BioPerformance, has made approximately $5 Million since the launch of the BioPerformance company.

Mims himself admitted that he's made enough money from BioPerformance to fully pay off his house, buy a brand new Hummer for $90,000, and a pair of Rolex watches... one for himself and one for his wife, for $60,000.

BioPerformance Vice President Gus Romero also took the stand and admitted that he had violated the court's order to freeze all of the company's assets. He admitted to transferring $300,000 to pay his attorney!

It was also revealed in court that both Lowell Mims and Gus Romero have trust funds worth $2.7 Million.

Mims also continued to sing praises of the BioPerformance little green pill, occasionally getting in trouble with the judge for speaking out of turn.

It's important to point out that sometimes Mims would say that the pill works, but then he would mention the company's disclaimer that it did not guarantee any results.

Full story from WESH.com.

BioPerformance Thus Far: