October 20, 2005

Big Al... Hoo Who Is Big Al?

Big Al...Hoo Who Is Big Al?

If you run a home business, be it Network Marketing, MLM, or otherwise, then chances are you're already familiar with Tom Schreiter.

But just in case you aren't, and have somehow missed coming across one of the few people who's expertise could help launch your home business into the success stratosphere, here's a little bit about Big Al.

Who is Tom "Big Al" Schreiter?

In a nutshell, Tom Schreiter (a.k.a. as "Big Al") is one of the most successful and influential Network Marketers of today. He runs the Fortune Now! website and publishes the widely-celebrated weekly newsletter, "Big Al's Recruiting Newsletter."

Tom Schreiter is undoubtedly one of the richest sources of home business information and tips that a Network Marketing or home business professional could come by. And his tips definitely produce results.

So if things like learning how to recruit more people into your home business, and making your home business a success are on your list of top priorities, then I highly suggest subscribing to his free newsletter.

Hungry for Success?

Just to give you a taste of how Tom Schreiter's Network Marketing and MLM knowledge can help you and your home business, here's a quick look at this week's newsletter, along with some of the many free home business tips you can get on a regular basis:

In this issue . . .

1. Put testimonials on your business cards?
2. "Cheap" coupon prospecting - cool idea.
3. Big Al "live" workshop schedule.
4. Over 800 great headlines - FREE !
5. I stunned my wife with my brilliance . . .
6. Where are we?
7. Fat Boy Report.


Put testimonials on your business cards?

Use the empty back of your business card for testimonials. It's different. Your prospects will notice the testimonials.

And, why not put testimonials in your signature file at the bottom of your email messages? If your testimonial is too long, write a teaser headline and direct the reader to a link to your testimonial page.

Want some examples of teaser headlines for your signature files? Try these:

* Click here to see a picture of my dog biting my . . .
* Click here to see how much weight I've lost this month.
* Click here to see my "before" and "after" picture.
* Click here to read my daughter's opinion.
* Click here to learn why I turned out like my mother threatened.


Get seven examples of ways to sponsor new distributors, taken directly from the '103 Ways & Places To Sponsor New Distributors' manual.

Simply send a blank e-mail to: liz3-15187@autocontactor.com


"Cheap" coupon prospecting - cool idea.

Turn your business card into a coupon.

Instead of printing a paper coupon, make your entire business card a coupon. Instead of having your company logo, address and other boring data on your business card, do this:

Make a strong offer for your product or opportunity.

For example, your business card could say:

* $5 off Super Vitamins.
* First-time customers only! Get ...
* Free admission to business seminar.
* Present this ticket at the door.
* Free audio report:
* How to get an extra paycheck every week.

Business cards are cheap, cheaper than printing cheap-looking paper coupons.

So when your next prospect asks you for a business card, give them your business card coupon with an offer they can't refuse.


Big Al "live" workshop schedule.

Attend a "live," interactive workshop to learn how to get more distributors fast, how to sponsor rejection-free, and how to find and create new prospects easily.

* Rotorua, New Zealand October 27, 7pm to 10pm
* Houston, TX November 10, 7pm to 10pm
* Tampa, FL November 11, 7pm to 10pm

To register online, go to http://www.bigalseminars.com/ or call (281) 280-9800.

Remember, I conduct "live" workshops almost everywhere -- Moscow, Tucson, Richmond, and even Saskatoon! So if you have an interest in having a Big Al workshop when I travel in your area, just fill out the form at the bottom of this page:



"Four Strange Insights To Build Your Network Marketing Business."

I wrote this special report in 1995 to introduce my Fortune Now Newsletter for Leaders. Many of you asked to see it again, so here it is. Simply go to: http://fortunenownewsletter.com/ and make sure you read the part about how the "crying baby" crushes the dreams of the alleged potential leader. :)


Over 800 great headlines - FREE !

Two years ago I ran a contest for readers to submit their best headlines. Over 1,000 readers sent me their very best ideas. In turn, I sent them Big Al albums, CD's, etc., as prizes.

After a bit of editing, we now have over 800 great subscriber-submitted headlines.

Would you like these 800 headlines?

I am passing them on to you free. All you have to do is to send an e-mail to: liz3-45156@autocontactor.com

And we will start sending the headlines to you in batches of 50 at a time. I am sure you will find at least a few headlines that will make great first sentences for your presentation. Do it now.


I stunned my wife with my brilliance . . .

I only speak one language, English, barely. Some people have asked me if English was my second language. That's embarrassing.

My wife, Susan, speaks three languages and can't understand why she has to continually correct my English. After all, English is only her third language.

But it takes lots of work to learn English. To prove it, I gave her a small gift and said:

"Since there is no time like the present, I will now present your present.

"Wow! She was quiet for a whole five seconds.


Fat Boy Report.

Since I lost one pound last week, I asked my neighbor: "So, on a scale of 1 to 10, how do I look?"

She answered: "Like a 747."

Guess I have a few more pounds to go.

So here I am with fellow fat-boy, Walter Seward, having a light snack:


More next issue!

- Big Al