November 15, 2005

Search Engine Keywords - What Do People Search For?

Have you ever wondered what people searched for on the Internet? What if you knew exactly what words they typed in when using the search engines and how you could earn more money with this knowledge?

If you're marketing a product or service via Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising for example, it's extremely beneficial to know what the most popular search terms are for whatever you're marketing. This knowledge can help you get more targeted traffic to your site, and thus, make more sales!

There are two really good tools that can give you an edge. The first one is a keyword suggestion tool, or what Overture calls their, "Keyword Selector Tool."

This tool will help you figure out which keywords you may want to bid on. It will show you precisely how many time a particular term was searched for on Overture during the previous month, as well as give you examples of related search terms you may also want to use as in your PPC marketing as well!

Example Search Terms:

Internet marketing - 342,848 searches
home based business - 564,369 searches
make money - 152,683 searches
mlm lead - 66,541 searches
affiliate program - 169,300 searches
blog - 342,458 searches

Another really handy tool is Overture's View Bids Tool. With this you can simply type in a search term and it'll show you the bid amounts for a particular keyword or search term, as well as all the listings for that term.

Search Term Bid Amounts:

Internet marketing - maximum bid:$2.11
home based business - maximum bid: $1.82
make money - maximum bid: $1.50
mlm lead - maximum bid: $7.86 (ouch!) -The next highest bid was only $2.27
affiliate program - maximum bid: $2.15
blog - maximum bid: $0.31

As you can see, these tools can really help you make informed decisions on your marketing and help increase your overall profit, while minimizing your advertising costs at the same time.

Overture supplies these tools so that you, the advertiser, can pick the keywords that are the most targeted for your product or service. This generates more revenue for Overture, and more qualified clicks for you.

And you don't have to be an Overture customer in order to use the Keyword Selector Tool or the View Bids Tool. Anyone can use these.

So the next time you're running your pay-per-click advertising campaign, be sure to utilize these free tools. They could certainly add more money in your pocket for free.