December 4, 2005

Hot Prospecting Ideas...

I was going through my email archives and came across this little gem from Big Al's "77 More Hot Prospecting Ideas" series. It's Tip #70 and it's always been one of my fav's. In your MLM home based business you'll find that little things like this can make all the difference. :)

Tip #70: How to get your distributors to achieve their monthly volume...

Just tell your new distributors this Big Al short story, and they will instantly see the value of doing their minimum volume on a monthly basis...

"A young couple, John and Mary, went out to dinner about three times a month. This little luxury cost them about $100 a month.

-After a few years of this luxury, John and Mary became fat."

"Another young couple, Ted and Alice, invested $100 amonth into their part-time business.

-After a few years they quit their full-time jobs and retired to travel the world."

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