September 17, 2008

Hump Day Humor - Automatic Confession and Steve the Mime

A little humor to brighten up your Wednesday. Automatic Confession and Steve the Mime.

First, you'll be pleased to see that the Catholic Church has finally taken the steps to embrace technology and update their centuries-old confession process with a new, high-tech automatic confessional. No more embarrassment from having to speak your dirtiest sins to another living person...the priest who knows your voice and KNOWS who you are.

Nope, nope, nope. Automatic Confession takes away all the pain and embarrassment of the traditional means by which to avoid your eternal hell sentence, and replaces it with a system so quick and easy to use that you'll be more than happy to confess your sins and receive your punishment...I mean, penance.

Just speak your sins into the microphone, press the keypad to confirm, and you're done! Confession has never been easier...or has it. ;)
Automatic Confession

And now, for some unparalleled performance art, I give you Steve the Mime. Steve the Mime will absolutely AMAZE you with his exceptional miming skills. No second-rate entertainment here, folks. When it comes to miming, this guy's got everyone beat...hands down. :P

Steve the Mime

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