February 24, 2009

To Be A Liberal - Roy Zimmerman

Here's a funny one by satirical singer/songwriter Roy Zimmerman. This guy is truly funny. "To Be a Liberal" is from Zimmerman's latest album, "Thanks for the Support," which is a collection of twelve fiercely funny songs about the absurdities of this election season. All songs were recorded live.

One of my favs from that album is "Ted Haggard is Completely Heterosexual." You can see the performance of that one here.

To Be a Liberal - Roy Zimmerman

And here's another favorite of mine. "Creation Science 101" is from his "Faulty Intelligence" album, which includes such titles as: "Intelligent Design," "The War on Terror," "Defenders of Marriage," "Abstain With Me" and "Hello NSA."

Creation Science 101 - Roy Zimmerman

For more funny Roy Zimmerman videos check here.

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