April 17, 2009

Disgusting Dominos People Video

Disgusting Dominos People

Disgusting Dominos People - Here's the video that's quickly making its way across teh internets...virally. It shows a Dominos worker doing some rather "unsanitary" things to peoples' food. -You know, the ole booger, sneeze and fart thing. Yum, yum!

In case the video has been deleted by YouTube, I've supplied some alternate "Disgusting Dominos People" links below, as well as some other info. regarding this case...or, as I call it, "The Dirty Dominos Debacle."

The Disgusting Dominos People Video
Buggers, Farts...and Yeah

Dominos - Cheese and Peppers Up The Nose

Domino's Emplyoees Do Disgusting Things To The Food, Put It On YouTube.

The Consumerist: "Here are three clips of Christie Kristy and Michael, a couple of not-that-bright idiots getting themselves fired, and quite possible sued, by doing unsanitary things to customers' orders on camera while their manager sits in the back reading the newspaper. "Whiteair2" posted them to YouTube in the last day, and now everyone knows that Michael likes to put cheese and peppers up his nose."

Disgusting Dominos Employees Tracked Down

Apparently, two Consumerist readers (Amy Wilson and whyerhead) managed to track down (via some stellar-ass online sleuthing) the specific Donimo's location in which this booger-sneeze-fart-food incident took place, and alerted Domino's corporate offices. Good for them. Hopefully, Dominos will give them some free pizza and stuff. If not, then fuk Dominos forever.

Gross Dominos Videos Just a Prank

So, as more and more things come to light, the apparent "food defilers" say that this was all just a prank...which is why they posted it on YouTube in the first place. So was it? Who knows. All I can say is that I'm just glad that they didn't do any of the other MANY popular "fukking-with-your-food" things that take place every day in countless food establishments across the nation. :P

Stay Tuned, Bitchez!

For more on this, stay tuned! I'm just about to post on the dipshit Dominos corporate video response to all of this. LOL @ their acting like this is something sooo out of the ordinary. Corporate fukwits. :P

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