April 10, 2006

Best Internet Marketing Tips & Tricks - How to Get Your Website Ranked High in the Search Engines!

If there are two questions on the minds of ALL online marketers, they are:

1. How do I get my website ranked in the Search Engines?


2. How do I get my website ranked HIGH in the Search Engines?

The answer to these questions can be a bit involved, but let me give you a few good hints that'll definitely get you started in the right direction...

1. Pick keywords that no one else is targeting. There are literally millions of keyword combinations that you can choose from.

I strongly suggest using the new Google and Overture Keyword Suggestion Tools in order to find a great list of possibilities:



2. Make sure that your website is original and unlike anyone else's. Add your own articles, graphics, etc. Also, make sure that you host your website with a web hosting company that can offer you a UNIQUE IP ADDRESS. Do not share your IP address with any other website!

*If you have a replicated website from a company, then you'll definitely want to create your own site as well. Be sure to follow the above-mentioned principles just the same.

3. Create a mini-network of websites that "vote" for each other. They link your NETWORK of sites to other marketers with their own networks. And this, in turn, will surely increase your search engine ranking. :)

-What is a Network? A Network, in this case, is comprised of 4 or more websites, which can be: a personal site, a residential site, a business site, and a blog.

4. Be sure to register your domain name for 10 years. This investment alone will tell Google that you're not a "flash-in-the-pan" spammer, but someone who definitely plans to be around for a while!

5. Anonymize your domain names. Don't let the "whois" robots know that all of the domains in your Network are owned by the same person... YOU!

You can do this by registering your domain names as "private."

6. Bookmark exchange with your friends, family and other online marketers! But before you bookmark exchange, be sure that you and those with whom you're exchanging bookmarks have installed the Google Toolbar!

VERY important. Why? -Because this is the primary way in which Google learns which sites you've bookmarked. And in the end, it'll be a great benefit to you.

7. Find link exchange partners. This is also very important! Two programs that I have found to work extremely well for finding link exchange partners are: LinkMarket and LinkMetro.

Marketing Bonus: As your PageRank increases, more and more people will search for you and ask if they can exchange links with you. And this will mean an even higher search engine rank for your website. :)

*Just be sure that you exchange links only with those websites and blogs that have an equal or higher PR (PageRank)...

For example, if your current PageRank is 3, then you only want to exchange links with those websites and blogs whose Google PageRank is 3 or higher.

Exchanging links with sites that have a lower PageRank than you can actually LOWER your PageRank, so try to avoid it as much as possible.

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