April 6, 2006

Replicated MLM Websites... Do I Need Permission?

This important marketing subject came up recently regarding replicated websites (MLM websites), and whether or not one needs permission from their MLM or Network Marketing company in order to build their own website for selling the company's products and business opportunity.

So do you? And, if you build your own site, would that bring your MLM business more traffic, more sales and more signups???

Below are the answers... And since this is so important to know, I've included the entire exchange:

The Questions:

"This site is a wealth of info for a new MLMer like myself. Thanks. My company provided me with a really good replicated site but I still would like to build my own in order to host some movies, do link exchanges and possibly host other ads.

I really don't have the time or desire to reinvent the wheel, my replicated site is just fine for signing people up and starting training.

My questions are: How do you make it look professional without being overly redundant?And do I need approval from my company to use images of the product, testimonials, etc.?


The Answers:

Hi Ali,

Yes, most (if not all) MLM and Network Marketing companies DO require that you first get their approval in order to use/republish their images and content, etc., in any manner.

You'll definitely want to make sure to do so as it's their property and it's protected under copyright law. Not asking first might cause them to cancel your membership/distributorship. Not good!

All you'll need to do is check your MLM company's policy on the matter. Many times it's no problem at all and they'll let you use some images and content. They just like to know about it beforehand.

BUT, if they don't approve of you using their images/content, be completely sure that your site content is 100% original!

As for keeping your MLM site professional-looking and not overly redundant...

One simple and easy thing to do is to take a look at your company's main site (or your replicated MLM site) and sort of model yours off of that, using similar amounts of content and images, etc. Just use it as a guide and then go from there.

Keep things short and sweet and easy-to-understand. And of course, keep the site easy to navigate! When you're done building it, be sure to get a few people to look it over and give you some feedback.

If they find anything to be confusing then chances are other people will too! Just fix and adjust as necessary.

Best of luck!

"Thanks, Aaron. :)

So I'm thinking that it is necessary to reinvent the wheel a bit in order to be able to have links and blogs and other things to increase traffic.

I'll be sure to run it past my company before publishing.

Thanks again!"

"You bet Ali!

And you're right in your thinking as it is a proven fact that you'll get more traffic and have better conversions if you build your own site. With just a company-replicated site one is merely another drop in the ocean.


The Bottom Line:

You WILL benefit from setting up your own website for your MLM or Network Marketing business. By having your own site you should be able to draw more traffic to it... and thus, get more sales and more signups.

But please be 100% sure that you have your company's permission/approval FIRST. The last thing you want is for them canceling your membership, or worse, filing charges for copyright infringement. No no no, that wouldn't be good!

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