October 19, 2006

How To Easily Overcome "No Time, No Money" Excuses...

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WATCH For These Excuses...

No Time, No Money

Here are some good tips from Network Marketing great, Tim Sales...

Is "No time" or "No money" the real objection?

The following question was sent to Tim Sales of Brilliant Exchange. It's a very important question that is asked all too often these days it seems...

A problem I face is: "How would you handle an objection based on not having enough money or time? These are the two I seem to get over and over. Thank you."

You are not the first to hear these objections!

Absolutely everyone who has ever done MLM has had to answer these objections from many prospects! These objections are what I call "common objections." Meaning you'll get them frequently. The reason they are common is because they are an "escape" for the prospect.

"Escape" from what?

Getting what they want. I know that seems odd - but it's the truth.

Let me explain this better.

By the way, this is fully explained with examples in my Professional Inviter 8 CD set. I highly recommend you study the section on handling objections. You are at such a disadvantage if you don't fully know this information.

Envision this... your prospect has something they want or need - more time, more money, a boat, a plane, new golf clubs, etc. Why is it a "want" or a "need" to them? Because they don't have it yet. Why don't they have it? Because they can't get it on their own - obviously so, otherwise they'd have it! They need someone to help them get it.

The Interesting Escape

This is where it gets very interesting... read closely!

The "escape" they've used before (to themselves and others) is "I don't have ______." The blank is filled in with some "phrase" that has always given them an escape because truthfully they don't believe they can GET WHAT THEY WANT.

Since this seems a little weird, let me give you an example (unrelated to MLM).

I was helping a company write a post card ad for their personal fitness training business. They were trying to get new clients. I asked several questions and finally came up with this ad:

"Sure you can get in shape on your own... but why haven't you? Admit you need help! Whether its knowledge or discipline, something is obviously missing otherwise you'd have the body you want. Let me help you."

You see, a person who "wants" to get in shape "pretends they don't need help." But they OBVIOUSLY DO! A person "getting" in shape is at the gym!

Now let me bring it back to MLM. A prospect says (in her mind as well as to you) that she wants a brand new car. Truthfully she doesn't really believe she can get it and she has proof she can't get it - because THERE'S NO NEW CAR IN THE DRIVE WAY!

This lack of belief is what causes prospects to state something like, "I don't have time."

When I was brand new in my MLM business, I brought a prospect to an opportunity meeting where the speaker was making $40,000 per month. After the meeting I asked Jim if he was ready to get started and he said, "I don't have the time." That was the strangest thing I'd ever heard. Why was it that he HAD time to make $1500 a month, but he DIDN'T HAVE the time to make $40,000 a month?

That mystery is what caused me to realize that "no time" or "no money" are not the real objections. Because if a person really believed they could make $40,000 a month they would ATTACK THE BUSINESS.

At a Live Event

I was recently at a live event when someone came up to talk to me after I spoke and told me why she couldn't make the business work. All her problems had to do with not being able to properly talk with her prospects. I gave her some verbal solutions and she replied, "Wow that makes a lot of sense." I then told her about Professional Inviter, which teaches network marketers exactly how to effectively talk with prospects. Guess what she said to me? "I don't have the money."

Now, does she really believe she can learn to do the business? No! For the cost of a shirt or two in her closet she could solve the reason she's failing in MLM. Instead, she would rather use her escape.

See how it works?

So, the way you REALLY handle the objection is follow the objection handling remedy in Professional Inviter:

  • 1. Listen completely through the question/objection
  • 2. Confirm understanding
  • 3. Make the question or objection valid to the prospect
  • 4. Handle or facilitate handling Questions and/or Objections.
  • 5. Complete the handling and return to the previous step of the Inviting formula

The absolute key is step 4.

Facilitate Handling Objections

You do everything you can to FACILITATE handling an objection; instead of handling it for them. The prospect is one who decided on their escape - only they can remove it.

If you want to hear exactly how this is done, listen to the live call I did with the lady named Tish (in Professional Inviter). She has the objection of Time and I handle the objection - then facilitate her getting over the objections by asking her key questions.

Thank you for sending me your question; I consider it quite a compliment!

Who Is Tim Sales?

Just in case you're not familiar with Tim Sales, here's a quick rundown - Tim Sales is well known for his MLMBrilliance website, which is home to the widely-celebrated Brilliant Compensation® video and the killer training system known as Professional Inviter.

Over the years Tim has gained the respect and admiration of thousands of marketers worldwide. In short, Tim Sales is one of the best out there - which is why I'm happy to share this very helpful home business advice from him.

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