February 21, 2007

Better Universe Closed For Business...

Better Universe & MovieClubPlus, Inc.
Closed For Business

Better Universe and Movie Club Plus, Inc. have shut down "officially" as of February 16, 2007.

Apparently, the president of the company (Steve Gresham?) resigned without any warning or notice at all, thus, leaving behind a huge mess of unpaid commissions to the Better Universe members, as well as unpaid monies to its vendors.

What a friggin' shame. Here was a company who's trademark (which was not legally registered) was, "People Helping People Change the World." It was a company who's goal (supposedly!) was to donate much of its revenue to charity. Yeah, right.

Anyway, here's a copy of the message that was just recently sent out to the Better Universe membership. A Better Universe member forwarded it to me and I posted it on Scam.com.


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