March 5, 2008

Midweek Link Love - Ten Tasty Tidings

I've been a really bad blogger lately, and proof of that is the fact that's it's been so long since I've actually done a link love post. Shame on me.

So I've moved my computer to the corner (where I'm quietly sitting with my dunce cap on) and put together this link love post, which will take the place of my usual Hump Day Humor post.

Midweek Link Love

12 CPM Alternatives to AdSense - Looking for a CPM alternative to AdSense? Then have no fear! There are twelve of them here from which you can choose.

Growing Your Blog the Right Way - Part 1: The Basics - Bobby from Revellian (that "psycho-linguistical" country inside of Mississippi) has written an excellent post covering some important things you should do (or not do) while on your quest to find the better blogger within.

Ask Blogging Gal - Got a burning question about blogging? Are you in need of some great advice about blogging? Then ask Blogging Gal! Each week she'll choose one reader-submitted question and answer it right on her blog. And not only will you get some great advice, but you'll also get 50 Entrecard credits if your question is chosen!

Fixing Up - Learn Stuff Online (Part 1) - If you're looking to learn stuff online (and who isn't these days!), then you'll want to check out this post by Bush Mackel. It's an introduction to one of his current website projects, Learn Stuff Online, which offers helpful information on computers, home theater, how to become a webmaster, etc. Excellent information, indeed.

Getting Back Your Blog Spark - Have you lost your blog spark? Have you run out of blogging gas? At one point or another, I think we all have. And this post by Mark offers some important tips to help you get it back.

50 Timeless Blogging Tips - Sue has put together a wonderful compilation of quotes made by some of the world's greatest thinkers, proving that these words of wisdom are not only timeless, but that they apply directly to blogging as well.

Waxed Beaver - Looking for some waxed beaver? LOL. OK, so you won't find any at Liza's blog (trust me, I looked :P), but you will find German police dogs that wear shoes. Yes, dogs that wear shoes. Believe me, this is fur real. I'm not pulling your tail :P

Link Love For Link Love

You know, when you always take the time to reward others with link love, you should be rewarded with a little link love as well. So here's some link love for a few of those who've given out link love this week. Btw, did someone mention link love? :P

A Little Link Love - Week 33 - Here's a link love post from Mike, my favorite web comic artist. This guy has talent out the wazoo! And for you gamers out there, be sure to check out his latest website Definitely looks like good fun.

Brown Batch #42: Sunday Link Love - Another excellent link love post from the Brown Baron himself. If you're looking for information on the latest gadgets and gear, gaming news and reviews, and news from around the Web, then Brown's site is definitely where it's at.

Link Love - Social Networking, Building Niche Stores, AdSense Rules And Much More - As Todd says, "It's been a good start to the week out there in the blogoshpere." And in his post he shares some of the best of what he's been reading. Good stuff for sure.

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