January 25, 2008

Happy Opposite Day - You're A Jerk!

Today is Opposite Day. Yes, believe it or not, there actually is such a day. And it's celebrated on January 25th - though it can also be initiated on any other day of the year by someone simply declaring it to begin.

As we all know and remember from being school children, when Opposite Day is declared, every statement made means the opposite of what is said. Because of that, and in my opinion, this is a really stupid holiday. But more than that, you're an idiot.

Opposite Day 2008

As many of you know, I have a Link Love Loser Award that I give out whenever I do a Super Link Sunday blog post. The Link Love Loser Award is an award that I reserve specifically for bloggers whom I can't stand, really hate and totally despise - on Opposite Day.

So what better way to celebrate this Opposite Day than by revisiting some of the past Link Love Loser Award winners! So here they are - in chronological order from the first LLL award winner to the most recent:

Revellian - Revellian is the personal blog of Bobby Revell. So far he's got to be one of the absolute worst bloggers I've ever had the misfortune of discovering. Not only is Bobby extremely selfish as a person, he's also extremely close-minded and totally intolerant of other people's views. Gosh, I hate this guy.

Bush Mackel - Bush's blog is utterly pathetic and totally devoid of anything pertinent or useful. In fact, it's such a tedious and empty read that I strongly suggest you ignore it's existence entirely!

Trust me, this guy doesn't know his ass from third base. Loaded with misguided, amateurish posts, Bush's blog is nothing but an empty vessel into which nothing good is poured.

MeAndMyDrum - Snooze alert! This blog is a stale boredom sandwich with a side of fail fries. The author is a twit and the design sucks. Honestly, I'd like to spend more time describing this blog, but I'm dozing off just thinking about it.

Oh yeah, and here are some more pathetic LOSERS...

Tish, Hernan, Jesse, Garry, Todd, Mike, Opal, MUSE, Darren, John, Brown, Forest, Speedcat, Bucky

Btw...if I left you out, don't contact me about it. It just means that you smell bad.

Happy Opposite Day!
You're a Dork!

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