June 28, 2008

Bill Gates Retires from Microsoft - Buh-Buy Billie Boy!

Well, it's official! Bill Gates has, indeed, "officially" retired from Microsoft today. Well, OK, so "technically" it was yesterday...but hey, it's 4 o'clock in the morning here, so it's still "today" for me! :)

Anyway, this surely marks the end of an era for the software giant. And though Billy Boy will still remain Microsoft's non-executive chairman, the weight of Microsoft's future now fully rests of the shoulders of Microsoft Corporation's current CEO, Steve Ballmer, who was officially named Microsoft's CEO in January of 2000 (though many people aren't aware of that).

So yes, today (er...yesterday, kinda) was Bill Gates' last day at Microsoft as a full-time employee (LOL @ "employee"). And as Gates said, with tears in his eyes, at a gathering on the company's scenic headquarters campus in Redmond, Washington, "My life's work is really about software and working with incredible people."

Gates also added, "There won't be a day in my life when I won't be thinking about Microsoft, the great things that we're doing and wanting to help."

Video: Steve Ballmer's tearful goodbye to Bill Gates regarding his very last day of work at Microsoft...

For the Lulz: Oh yeah, and just for the lulz...here are the most current results for a Microsoft Windows-relate poll I had on my blog this week. Ah yes, the great things Microsoft is doing. :P

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