June 19, 2008

My Yacht and the Swimsuit Models

Well, it looks like I was missed just a little bit more than I had expected. Jim recently informed me in the comments of this post that there was a search party sent out to look for me (87 volunteers strong, apparently), a helicopter and rescue team, as well as some bloodhounds. Oh my!

In addition, my good friend Diane sent me an email that read...

"So your blog, which had remained untouched for a long time, now sports a saying that you are sorry but it will remain untouched for awhile longer. Where can I go to get the Aaron spiel on things?? I am starting to feel deprived. I even had to go look up my own, "Will it blend?" episodes. Not to mention Chuck Norris one-liners."

Well, it certainly is nice to be missed. I just wish my absence was due to more exciting things than being busy and a bit burnt out. Perhaps something like...

Friend 1: Boy, I really miss Aaron.
Friend 2: Yeah, me too. He and the girls have certainly been gone on his yacht for a long time.
Friend 1: No Kidding. What's it...three weeks now they've been cruising through the Caribbean and partying?
Friend 2: Yeah, I believe so. Hey, how'd he get all those swimsuit models anyway?!
Friend 1: He's Aaron!
Friend 2: Yep, he's Aaron.


Anyway, here are some brand new Will It Blend? videos for those of you who may have been missing them...and plagued with the burdensome chore of having to hunt them down all on your own. :P

I especially like the second one since it's a spoof on the Will It Blend? series. Pretty funny, indeed.

Will It Blend? - Mario Kart

Does It Blend? - Lightsabers

Btw, thanks also to Forest Parks and Bobby Revell who were also kind enough to welcome be back. :)

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