March 30, 2010

Hot Girl Turns Out To Be a Prostitute...

Hot Girl Turns Out To Be a Prostitute...

Gave a ride to a...uh..."working girl" this afternoon. A fairly weird experience indeed. Long story not so short...She was walking down the street with a backpack on and came into the gas station where I was getting gas. My first thought was, "she looks like a college student." She was wearing nice jeans and flip flops (with socks on), a nice jacket and some cool shades, and had a tiny boom box CD player with her. She was very attractive, to say the least.

She asked the clerk if they happened to have a cell phone charger since her battery was dead. In the midst of the conversations going on inside the store, I heard her say to someone that she needed a ride up the road to her house. I thought to offer, but changed my mind and walked out to my car. As I was about to pull out, she exited the store and waved to get my attention. She walked toward my car and asked if there was any way that I could give her a ride up the street to her house. Since I had almost offered to do so inside, I decided I would and said, "Uhh, yeah. Sure, no problem."

She got in and said, "You're the bomb. Thanks so much!" I pulled out and asked where she lived. It was an apartment complex right up the road on 140th street...about half a mile away, and pretty much on my route back to my place, which was cool since I wouldn't have to travel out of my way.

So here I am with this hot chic in my car (she smelled really good, too, btw), and I'm thinking, "OK...I never have this kind of luck; something's gotta give." I was very much on guard, since she was a stranger and all, and was watching for any sudden movements...or anything that would raise a red flag. But she sat very calmly, with her hands folded in her lap. Still, I know my luck...and it's never this good. I mean, to have a strange girl in my car, one that is extremely attractive and in need of my help, is not an ordinary occurrence...probably due to the fact that I never take chances like this. Like I said, I initially thought to offer her a ride while inside the store, but I changed my mind like I always do in these situations.

So, as I'm driving, I'm thinking, "OK, what's the deal here? What's the sign that I don't have luck like this?" And right then she asks, "You're not the cops, are you?" LULZ! I knew it! I freaking knew it. I knew that our encounter would have to have something more to it. The only people who ask that question when they're in your car are, well, "working girls." Or, to use a more common (but derogatory) term, prostitutes. See...I told you my luck wasn't that good. :P

Anyway, we did have a decent conversation on the short ride, and she did in fact need a ride to where she said she needed to go. But she also asked me what I was "into" and if I was looking to "do something," or if I "wanted" to do something. So yeah, I guess I was propositioned for sex. LOL. I simply told her that I wasn't looking for anything and was just offering to give her a ride since she needed one. She seemed a bit surprised by my refusal and said, "Thanks, you're very nice. I appreciate it." I guess she thought I offered to give her a ride because I was looking for sex, when if fact, I was not.

To be completely honest, this girl was so hot that, in the back of my mind, the gears were churning and turning. And even though I knew I would never embark on such an escapade, my brain was quickly calculating the pros and cons of doing so. You know...being arrested, catching an STD, psychotic pimps wielding deadly weapons, etc.

But I was also thinking of how ridiculous the laws are. That, if it weren't for the actual exchange of "money," sex between two consenting adults is completely legal. But once you pay someone for a good time, it's not. Oh, and by "pay" I mean with actual dollars...not dinner and a movie. Lol.

Anyway, that's the brief recap of my ride with a working girl. It was definitely strange, and once I realized what it is that she does for a living, I quickly became paranoid of being pulled over and of possibly being arrested as a "john" for soliciting prostitution. I mean, the police generally know which girls are prostitutes since most of them are in out of the jail system regularly. All it might have taken was a simple traffic stop and for an officer to "recognize" who I had in my car with me. Then who knows. I'm just thankful that the entire event was somewhat uneventful.

Lesson learned: Don't give rides to strange hot girls. Also, don't do it when you only have 40 bucks in your pocket that you're not willing to part with. :P

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