June 20, 2011

Mother Mother "Problems" - A Killer New Song

Mother Mother "Problems" - A Killer New Song

So I'm just sitting here, updating my blog and listening to iTunes (as usual), when I hear this really cool, catchy and upbeat song. And I really really like it! But having never heard it before, nor recognizing any of the artists performing it, I'm obviously very curious.

So I maximize my iTunes window to see the song title and the artist. And then I Google it (naturally) in order to find out more about the song and the band performing it.

The song? Well, it's performed by a five-piece Canadian indie rock band that's originally from Quadra Island (an island off the eastern coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada), and now based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The band's name is Mother Mother, and the song is called "Problems." It's from their third album, Eureka, which was released on March 15, 2011. Personally, I've never heard of them before, but this song is definitely a nice intro to their musical craft.

Take a listen here on YouTube.. It's pretty damn catchy, if you ask me...

YouTube Video: Mother Mother - Problems

Song Lyrics: Mother Mother "Problems"

Here are some of the lyrics to the Mother Mother "Problems" song.

You and me, we're not the same.
I am a sinner; you are a saint.
When we get to the pearly gate,
You'll get the green light,
I'll get the old door in the face.

I'm a loser, a disgrace.
I found love in the strangest place,
Tied up and branded, locked in a cage.
I say I'm gonna stage a great escape.
Let loose and love all, thank god we're vaguely out of place (this line is unintelligible, so that's my best guess).
I'm a loser, a disgrace.
You're a beauty, a luminary, in my face.

I've got a lot, but not a lot, I gotta a lot less than a lot.
I've got problems,
Not just ones that are little.
It's those people problems,
It's something to consider,
When you come for dinner at my place.


I seem to find myself with the craziest of dames.
They get the ball on me,
I do forget the chains.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Some say strange be a stranger's game,
Some go to baseball,
Some go to base, a base they can't seem to save (again, unintelligible, so I'm adding my personal, poetic license to it).

I'm a loser' a disgrace,
You're a beauty, a luminary, in my face.

So yeah, I like this song. It's pretty killer all around...except that I DO wish that they kept with the meter/pace throughout the entire song. For example, in the "I've got problems, not just" and "it's those people problems" lines (at the 1:04 and 1:14 marks, respectively), the chorus and words slow down drastically, suddenly interrupting and disrupting the awesome meter/rhythm that rest of the song has.

If I were a producer, I'd omit/redo those parts for sure. Nonetheless, this song is pretty awesome, IMHO.

The Mother Mother Official Band Page and Website

To check out the band Mother Mother, just go to their official band page Mother Mother

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