June 20, 2011

Ron Paul Wins the RLC Straw Poll by a Landslide

Ron Paul Wins the RLC Straw Poll by a Landslide

Dr. Ron Paul, the Republican (and more importantly, Libertarian!) Congressman from Texas, won the Republican Leadership Conference (RLC) straw poll in New Orleans on Saturday. And he won it by a landslide.

Here are the full straw poll results: Ron Paul (612 votes), Jon Huntsman (382 votes), Michele Bachmann (191 votes), Herman Cain (104 votes), Mitt Romney (74 votes), Newt Gingrich (69 votes), Sarah Palin (41 votes), Rick Santorum (30 votes), Tim Pawlenty (18 votes), Gary Johnson (10 votes), Buddy Roemer (9 votes), and Thaddeus McCotter (2 votes).

Straw poll votes by percentage: Ron Paul (39.69%), Jon Huntsman (24.77%), Michele Bachmann (12.39%), Herman Cain (6.74%), Mitt Romney (4.80%), Newt Gingrich (4.47%), Sarah Palin (2.66%), Rick Santorum (1.95%, Tim Pawlenty (1.17%), Gary Johnson (0.65%, Buddy Roemer (0.58%), and Thaddeus McCotter (0.13%).

And for those who prefer to watch as well, here's a YouTube video in which the straw poll results are read off at the conference...

Ron Paul Video - Straw Poll Results

Jon Huntsman came in second place, but that may be due to the his campaign apparently buying tickets for his young backers and bussing in a large group of college students. According to various news reports, Huntsman's campaign people did not deny spending money in order to boost his performance in the straw poll.

You can learn more about Congressman Ron Paul and his 2012 presidential campaign on his website Ron Paul 2012.

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