August 17, 2011

Get Free Coupons & Free Samples with FreeFlys! (FreeFlys Review)

Get Free Coupons and Free Samples!

With the economy the way it is currently, countless people are searching for ways to save money...and better yet, to even get things for free. And one of the best/easiest ways to achieve this (as most of us know) is with coupons and free product samples.

Enter, FreeFlys.

FreeFlys is the largest coupon and free samples website around, offering free coupons, free samples of brand name products and a whole lot more...and all for free! With FreeFlys you'll have access to endless coupons that you can print out on your computer, as well as free samples of brand name products you can keep and use. And best of all, it's totally free! :)

Save Money on Countless Products

With FreeFlys you can easily save hundreds, and even thousands of dollars, on the brand name products that you use every day. With FreeFlys' free coupons and free samples you can save money on food and groceries, health care products, household products, pet care products, restaurant dinners, office supplies, home entertainment, flowers and gifts, books and magazines, automotive products and services, etc.

Brand Name Products, Not Junk

The best thing about FreeFlys is that it'll save you money on brand name products. We're not talking generic nonsense here; we're talking about real brand name stuff. For example, some of the top name brands that FreeFlys will give you coupons and free stuff for are:

Disney, Dominos Pizza, Dove (soap, lotion, etc.), Pillsbury, General Mills, Sears, Walgreens, Weight Watchers, Yoplait, Minute Maid, Seattle's Best Coffee, Glade, Kleenex, IHOP, Quiznos, Chili's, Pampers, Vanity Fair, Dr. Scholls, Miramax Films, LensCrafters, Pearle Vision, ADT, Mattress Giant, AutoWay, VistaPrint, etc.

The list goes on and on and on.

FreeFlys Review - Ease of Use

FreeFlys is definitely simple to use...

• Coupons: You can easily print out the coupons you want, and then use them at your convenience at your local store. Endless coupons, endless savings.
• Free samples: You get them in the mail, obviously.

Note: There is no limit to the number of free samples you can get. You can get as many free samples from the FreeFlys free samples list as you want. So go ahead - Login or register and get all the freebies you want. The free stuff never ends!

Some FreeFlys Coupon Samples

Here's a sample of some of the coupons you'll have access to and be able to print out...

 FreeFlys Bonus - Get Paid for Your Opinion!

FreeFlys also offers you an opportunity to make money by giving your opinion. When you login to FreeFlys, you'll see their featured surveys. Not only do you get to voice your opinion on things, but you also GET PAID for doing so! FreeFlys also awards prizes for filling out their featured surveys. Personally, I haven't tried them yet, but I'm sure it's worth the time.

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