September 3, 2011

Ron Paul on Fox News Sunday - Why Ron Paul Is Winning

Ron Paul News: Ron Paul On Fox News Sunday: Why Ron Paul Is Winning
I'm not gonna write a whole lot here...just watch the video.

But I should note that there are a few things that stand out...

One, being when Chris Wallace (an American journalist and current host of the Fox Network program, Fox News Sunday) brings up some recent presidential election poll results.

"...And in a match up with President Obama, you 're now basically even at 47 percent to 45.

Question: what's going on here? Why are you gaining such traction this year?"

Ron Paul's Response: "Well, because it's a good idea. And it's the American ideal. But, I'm fascinated with your word "unconventional." Isn't it strange that we can apply that term to freedom and liberty and the Constitution and limited government and balanced budget?

You're proposing this "unconventional" idea of government...Well, I think you're right about it...under today's circumstances, it has been unconventional for probably, for about 50 years, but right now the Tea Party movement and the Independents in this country and the people who are caring about our bankruptcy, they, they think that what we've had is unconventional with regards to our Constitution and the principles of liberty.

So yes, people are waking up and they're saying, 'Yeah, Ron Paul's right!' Why are we fighting all these undeclared wars, and why do we have a Federal Reserve that bails out the rich and dumps on the poor, and why is it that deficits don't really matter and politicians just stand around and talk that they're gonna nibble away at a budget deficit that's ten years out.

So no, this is  a very popular philosophy...and it's not my philosophy. It's the philosophy of the Constitution. It's the philosophy of liberty, private property rights, and not dependency on government. That's is the big thing. People are supposed to assume some responsibility for themselves in a free society."

More Questions For Ron Paul

And another, when Chris Wallace asks, "Are you in this to win it, or is it enough for you to just shape the debate?"

Ron Paul's response: "Yes, I'm in it to win it. And you're absolutely right; I do say that I'm more interested in influencing power...Matter of fact, as president I would reduce the power of government. I wouldn't seek it. I would never take the power from the congress. I would not go to war without congressional approval.

So yeah, I resent the power that has, uh, galvanized in the executive branch and the judicial system, and I would want to shrink the size of government. So, that isn't exactly right. That doesn't mean I don't want to win. It means I want a new approach, uh, you know, at least form current standards, for the presidency...

I want to obey the Constitution, and follow its very great restrictions on the government. The Constitution was written to restrict the government, not to restrict the people. Now it's turned around; we use government to restrict the all I would like to reverse that."

Bottom Line?

Bottom line, if you want an honest guy as president...FOR ONCE...then Ron Paul is the only obvious choice. For real.

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