June 2, 2006

BioPerformance Lawsuit Court Updates...

In court on Wednesday, the State of Texas suggested that Lowell Mims, President of BioPerformance, has made approximately $5 Million since the launch of the BioPerformance company.

Mims himself admitted that he's made enough money from BioPerformance to fully pay off his house, buy a brand new Hummer for $90,000, and a pair of Rolex watches... one for himself and one for his wife, for $60,000.

BioPerformance Vice President Gus Romero also took the stand and admitted that he had violated the court's order to freeze all of the company's assets. He admitted to transferring $300,000 to pay his attorney!

It was also revealed in court that both Lowell Mims and Gus Romero have trust funds worth $2.7 Million.

Mims also continued to sing praises of the BioPerformance little green pill, occasionally getting in trouble with the judge for speaking out of turn.

It's important to point out that sometimes Mims would say that the pill works, but then he would mention the company's disclaimer that it did not guarantee any results.

Full story from WESH.com.

BioPerformance Thus Far:

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