May 11, 2006

BioPerformance Scam Revealed? - Little Green Pill Mothballs?

BioPerformance Revealed
Little Green Pill FLUNKS TV Test!

After watching the news story (see video link below), are these BioPerformance gas pills similar to the "Green Beas" that hit as an MLM scam way back in 1989?

The BioPerformance gas pills, according to the news story, are little more than napthalene - dyed green and made into pill shape. Their lab test showed the chemical makeup to be virtually 100% Napthalene, which is what mothballs were made of decades ago.

And what's possibly worse, they pointed out that BioPerformance states (right on the bottle) that the little green pill is Non Toxic. BUT Napthalene IS TOXIC! In fact, it's not only is it poisonous, it also has links to cancer!

VIDEO: TV Expose of BioPerformance

These days, there are tons of gas business opportunities popping up in every which way, shape and form. But the fact is, they don't seem to work once put to the real test.

And now BioPerformance, also know as the "Little Green Pill" has entered MLM as one of the more well-known of the recent gas pill business opportunities. Well...

Below is the investigative report by an Orlando area TV news crew that recently exposed BioPerformance and the little green pill. According to them, "the little green pill was a bust."

Here's the story:

Pain At The Pump: The Little Green Pill

ORLANDO, Fla. - POSTED: 3:43 pm EDT May 4, 2006

"At a recent BioPerformance pep rally in Orlando, the WESH 2 I- News Team went undercover. WESH 2 I-Team reporter Michelle Meredith asked BioPerformance president Lowell Mims, a pastor out of Dallas, and a multilevel marketing veteran, if she could ask some questions about the product.

"You have to get a disclosure form", he said.

"For hours, we've been hearing you have nothing to hide. So, why can't you talk to me right now?" she said.

"We have to legally make sure everything is covered so you all won't hurt our company," Mims said. In fact, Mims couldn't get away from her fast enough.

Why are they running? Maybe the answer is printed on the bottle. In tiny print is a bizarre disclaimer. "BioPerformance, Inc., doesn't guarantee anyone any results," it says.

Little Green Pill Put To

So to get to the bottom of the little green pill, we enlisted the help of two experts at the University of Central Florida. Dr. Kevin Belfield, the head of chemistry department, was brought on board to find out what's in the pill.

And to find out if the little green pill works, we recruited Dr. Bob Hoekstra. His lab at UCF tests race car engines.

Hoekstra's plan was very straightforward. We took our car to a shop called KDK Performance and strapped our minivan to what's essentially a treadmill for cars.

Hoekstra put in a very measured amount of plain old regular unleaded gas, and then ran the engine at approximately 70 mph. We did this over and over again until we got a baseline. The minivan runs out of gas after about 10 minutes.

To prove BioPerformance's claim, the little green pill needs to run that motor 25 percent longer.

"We should go about 12 ½ minutes," Hoekstra said.

But there's a catch. Before we can test the little green pill, first, we have to feed our minivan a bunch of pills, according to the directions you get online. You are supposed to give your car a "boostershot" -- feed your gas tank double the number of pills normally needed.

So before we see any results, we need to burn four tanks of gas.

While we're burning those miles, Dr. Belfield and his UCF students made an interesting discovery...

Full story on WESH 2 News:

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