May 27, 2006

BioPerformance Investigated by Florida Attorney General...

BioPerformance Investigated Yet Again
Florida Attorney General Joins In

Wow, looks like more bad news for BioPerformance, Inc. Now the Attorney General of Florida, Charlie Crist, is investigating as well.

And BioPerformance doesn't even know it yet! Just read the "Subject's position" section below. They're still unaware that the Florida Attorney General has stepped in as well.

You heard it here first!

From the Office of the Attorney General of Florida:

Case Number: L06-3-1083

Subject of investigation:
Bio Performance, Inc. and Lowell Mims, Director

Subject's address:
1300 W. Walnut Hill Ln, Irving, TX 75038

Subject's business:
Multilevel marketing

Allegation or issue being investigated:
Unfair/deceptive business practices in the sale of product that purports to make gasoline burn with greater efficiency without independent scientific testing to substantiate claim. Further, product is sold/distrbuted by means of multi-level marketing whereby the compensation is not based primarily on volume of bona fide sales. Possible violations of Florida Unfair or Deceptive Trade Practices Act, F.S. 501.201, et. seq., production and/or dissemination of misleading advertisements (F.S. 817.40 & 817.41), and operating, participating in, or soliciting on behalf of a chain letter or pyramid club (F.S. 849.091).

Status of case:
Investigation opened

Subject's position:
Unaware of investigation.

AG unit handling case:
Economic Crimes Division in Orlando, Florida

Direct link: Florida Attorney General's Office

More on BioPerformance:

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