December 14, 2006

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I recently heard about AGLOCO from an email my friend Ty Tribble of MultiLeveler sent me. And after spending some time to review AGLOCO, I signed up.

What is AGLOCO? Well, I can easily say that AGLOCO is not a crazy Attorney General if that's what you were wondering. :P

And all in all it looks like it's going to be pretty popular. If you haven't checked out AGLOCO yet, you can do so here. Anyway, here's some of what Ty had to say about it...

"It's hard to come up with good a good analogy to explain AGLOCO, but I'll try...

Imagine if Google said that they would pay you with pre-IPO shares of the company for making sure that Google Adsense ads were displayed on your blog and on top of that, they will pay you additional pre-IPO shares for anyone you refer and those that they refer down 4 levels.

The Google analogy is not perfect because Google had a nice revenue stream before going public, but the concept is similar. AGLOCO pays you with pre-IPO shares to download their Viewbar and surf the web for 5 hours a month with the Viewbar on. You surf for 5 hours a month with the Viewbar, you get 5 shares. Then you get another .25 shares for anyone in your network that has surfed for 5 hours with the AGLOCO Viewbar on.

The Viewbar creates revenue by supplying relevant affiliate ads as you surf. That revenue is shared with the networkers and every day people that use the service."

"Here is the deal, I am going to use the web WAY more than 5 hours a month and it is not a big deal to make sure that I have the Viewbar on for at least 5 hours and I am going to be blogging about Network Marketing companies that people are interested in, so it is a natural for me to check this out."

Bottom line, if you spend any amount of time online (and who doesn't!) then you should at least check it out as well.

Want to learn more about AGLOCO and how it'll make you money? Here are some AGLOCO-specific posts:

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