December 25, 2006

Home Business Today Featured On Godin's SQUIDOO Lens...

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Home Business Today Featured On
Seth Godin's Squidoo Lens

Some very cool news on this early Christmas morn...

The Home Business Today blog was recently featured on the Squidoo Lens of world-renowned author, Seth Godin.

Holy Cow!

I'm not sure which readers actually submitted Home Business Today (thanks!), but nonetheless, it's currently holding out at #19 worldwide. Holy Bovinae again!

I do, however, expect this high ranking to drop significantly since many of the blogs are now asking their blog readers to vote for them. Plus, I'm sure they have way more readers than I do anyway.

So if you'd like to see the list, and put in your own vote for your favorite blog or blogs, go here:

And if you're looking for the Home Business Today blog, I believe it's currently listed as The HBT Blog. But I notice someone has also submitted it as "Home Business Today by Aaron Cook."

Who is Seth Godin?

Well, in 1995 Seth Godin founded one of the first online marketing companies, Yoyodyne. In 1998 he sold the company to Yahoo!. As a part of the sale to Yahoo!, Seth Godin became Vice-President of permission marketing at Yahoo!.

In late 2005, Seth Godin founded the "recommendation network" website known as SQUIDOO. And the rest, as they say, history.


  1. Congrats Aaron, you're doing things right! Have a great Christmas, my best to you and your family.

  2. Thanks Andrew!

    Wishing the best to you and yours this holiday season. You rock!



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