December 21, 2006

AGLOCO Official Update #1

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Here's some great information from a brief update I received from AGLOCO. And I must say, this thing is really taking off.

AGLOCO Update #1

AGLOCO is four weeks old and has already signed up tens of thousands of Members, created an enormous 'buzz' (over 700,000 pages in Google's search results talk about AGLOCO) and established a website more popular than Toyota's, Ford's, Bloomingdale's and Kmart's. It took YouTube 8 months to do that!

In addition to building the AGLOCO network, we've been working on the AGLOCO Viewbar, which is now scheduled for release in seven to ten weeks.

You may know that we started a campaign to sign up 10,000,000 Members by July 1st, 2007.

While we know this is an ambitious goal, we also know the power of an Internet-based network as several Members already have over a 1,000 referrals!

Double Your AGLOCO Income

Every five new referrals you get (whether direct or extended) DOUBLES your AGLOCO income!

And over 90% of our Members join through a referral email from an existing AGLOCO Member. So we've provided a sample email for you.

To get the AGLOCO sample email, just sign up here.

More AGLOCO Information

If you're just now learning of AGLOCO and would like some more detailed information on it, id est (i.e.), how it works, how you get paid, etc., here are three very helpful posts I wrote about it:

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