November 24, 2007

Speed Painting - Jack Sparrow and Optimus Prime

One of the things I really enjoy watching online is speed painting. Well, technically it's not really speed painting; its "time-lapse video" of painting (digital painting with Photoshop), but in the online world it's commonly confused with, and referred to as, speed painting. Nonetheless, it's darn cool to watch.

So here are two really cool speed painting videos I've enjoyed in the past. The first digital painting is of Captain Jack Sparrow and the second is of Optimus Prime (as if I really had to introduce either of them). :P Anyway, it's just plain amazing to watch these. Hope you enjoy 'em!

Speed Painting - Captain Jack Sparrow

Speed Painting - Optimus Prime

Note: Don't forget to check out Yuwie! Yuwie is definitely going very well. Bottom line, I couldn't be happier with it. :)

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