November 4, 2008

Black Panthers "Patrolling" Polling Places (Video)

Apparently, Black Panther members (in full uniform) are stationed at some 300 polling places in battleground states. The question is, are they trying to intimidate McCain voters? Judging by this video I just found on YouTube, I'd say it's very possible. What do you think?

The video shows two Black Panther members at a Philadelphia polling place, one of whom is carrying a nightstick, who were reportedly blocking the door. Eventually, the police came and made the one with the nightstick (the one who said, "I'm security." lol) leave the premises.

Black Panthers Outside Polling Places

Now, I'm neither for Obama nor McCain, but I can definitely see how this sort of behavior could scare some people away from voting. But not surprisingly, there's lots of other "funny stuff" happening on this election day as well. In Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, calls from "Democrats For Obama" are being made, informing voters about a fake change of polling location. Gee, how nice.

There are also multiple reports that a Virginia Beach polling location is understaffed, and that people are picking up paper ballots from the floor and casting multiple votes! And in Northern Virginia, it's been reported that "tens of thousands" of military absentee ballots might be missing. Wow, put your life on the line for your country and they'll still misplace your vote.

All this, and a whole slew of voting machines throughout the country that are either malfunctioning, or breaking down entirely. In Richmond, Virginia one precinct had five of its seven voting machines break down. This forced voters, who were frustrated from waiting in the rain, to fill out optical scan ballots instead. Five out of seven, eh? Hmm, sounds like it's time to use another voting machine manufacturer!

Yep, it looks to be another "interesting" presidential election in the Good Ole USA! At this point, I think it's safe to say that the election results will be contested by the losing party if the winner ends up winning by a narrow margin like in 2000.

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