November 5, 2008

John McCain's Concession Speech Video - Plus Ron Paul

Since I posted the video and transcript of Obama's acceptance speech, I also wanted to post John McCain's concession speech as well. McCain conceded the presidential race to Barack Obama and stated that the Democrat has achieved a "great thing for himself and for his country."

Personally, I think this was one of McCain's best speeches. Perhaps, if he had spoken from the heart like this all along throughout the campaign, the nation would have embraced him fully, and this speech never would have taken place. Who knows.

John McCain Concession Speech Video

Ron Paul On CNN American Morning

And here's Ron Paul. Proving once again that he's the only one in Washington who really has a clue. Undoubtedly, the GOP is kicking itself now for their mistreatment of him during the primaries.

First, they tried to defeat him by paying people to run against him. When that failed, they marginalized him. And when that failed, they made false accusations against him, many times over.

Lastly, came the mistreatment during the Republican National Convention. Whenever Ron Paul delegates approached the microphones to speak, the microphones were cut off and security was called to remove them from the premises. Ron Paul delegates were shut out of the platform talks, as well as every other meaningful discussion.

In my opinion, the GOP got what it deserved for its poisonous deeds. They screwed the pooch big time on this one. A Ron Paul/Barack Obama race would have most likely sealed the deal for Republicans, especially since the economy - Ron Paul's specialty - is what pushed Obama so far ahead of McCain in recent weeks.

Oh, and not to mention that Obama was the second choice for most Ron Paul supporters. Bottom line, the Republican Party had a great and very special opportunity in Ron Paul...but they rejected it. And now, the American people have rejected them.

Ron Paul - CNN American Morning 11-04-08

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