November 18, 2008

The RGB Color Calculator - HTML Color Code Generator

Here's a neat little tool I added that will help you generate HTML colors codes for your blog or website in a snap. With the RGB Color Calculator you'll be able to generate both the HEX code and the RGB values simultaneously.

This HTML color code generator comes in especially handy when you know the HEX code, but need its RGB values - and vice versa. Just type in the numbers, click calculate, and you're all set!

RGB Color Calculator Functions and Features

The RGB Color Calculator is an HTML color code generator that will allow you to:

• Choose HTML colors from a table of colors.
• Choose HTML colors from a list of color names.
• Choose HTML colors by entering their Hex codes
• Choose HTML colors by entering their RGB values.
• Generate Hex codes by entering their RGB values.
• Generate RGB values by entering the Hex code.
• Fine-tune a color's properties.
• Choose HTML colors by name (e.g. "red" or "blue").
• Generate random HTML colors.
• Compare a color to the nearest web-safe color.
• Adjust a color's hue, saturation, and value independently (HSV).
• Adjust red, green, and blue independently.
• Store several colors at the same time.
• Always see the color you're working with, plus its HEX code and RGB values.

You can play around with the RGB Color Calculator here. Hopefully you'll find it to be as useful as I have.

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