February 18, 2006

ClustrMaps - A Dandy Tool for Your Site...

ClustrMaps...A Dandy Tool for Your Site!

OK, check this one out. It's pretty cool. It's called ClustrMaps, and with it you can locate all of your website visitors instantly and for free.

At a glance, you can see where your visitors are located geographically (worldwide) as well as how many visitors you have. Pretty neat.

The results are displayed like you see in the above photo. Red dots represent the cumulative number of visitors and where those visitors came from.

Different dot sizes represent a different total numbers of visitors. For example: A small dot equals 1 to 9 visitors, whereas a large dot equals 1000+ visitors.

All in all it's a pretty neat tool that will show you from which parts of the world your website visitors are coming and how many website visitors you have.

And though the majority of my own readers come from the Unites States, it's neat to know that people form Iceland, Australia, Japan, Borneo, and practically everywhere else are also reading this blog.

The only possible downside I see with ClustrMaps is that some visitors may show up on the map in the geographical area in which their ISP (Internet Service Provider) is located, instead of the location of the computer they're sitting at and using.

But that's a minor thing. Bottom line is this thing is pretty cool, as well as and simple to implement. They generate the HTML code for you and you just copy and paste it into the template of your website or blog. And voila! Instant info.

Check it out here: ClustrMaps.com

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