February 9, 2006

Scam Alert - Superior Lead Systems Rip-off Update

Superior Lead Systems Rip-off Update...

A Skunk of a Deal!

As I had posted back on January 22nd, a company called Superior Lead Systems (also known as SLS) was apparently operating shadily and not fulfilling the services it had sold to its customers that the customers had fully paid for.

Here's an update on that story taken from MLM.com...

"Here is the email from the company:

Pursuant to the terms and conditions of your subscription, the company is excercising its option under item 12 of the Terms and Conditions to suspend its performance under the Agreement, the subscriber's access to and use of the service and to terminate this Agreement. The Terms and Conditions are available at www.SLSLeads. You will not be billed for any additional charges. We regret that we are unable to continue this service.


Boy, it's too bad that so many people were left out in the cold on this one! From the information I have, Superior Lead Systems (SLS) was contracted to make company-specific Infomercials for a number of different companies and then run lead-generating TV campaigns for them.

What I've been told is that they made the infomercials, but didn't complete the rest of the deal and that they also continued charging for the services as well as raised the prices for future customers.

Bottom line... money paid, but no leads generated??? That's simply terrible!

March 18, 2006 Update: Their website now only redirects to one of GoDaddy's parked pages. Apparently they've taken it down completely. Yeah, big surprise there!

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