February 11, 2006

Guaranteed Success Opportunities... Do They Work???

Do Guaranteed Success Opportunities Work?
Or Are They Just A Great, Big Flop?

We've all seen the ads for those opportunities that promise to do all the work for you and "guarantee your success" without your having to do any selling, prospecting, advertising, etc. But do they actually work?

Well, if history tells us anything about these types of "we do the work for you" "guaranteed success" opportunities, it's that they DO NOT work at all. Many of them have come and gone - and by gone, I mean right out of business with the money of thousands of members lining their pockets.

Some have offered a 6-month timeline for success, and some longer. But the end result has always been complete failure and closure of business.

Now, to look at it intelligently, we know that as more people join, the more people they have to do the advertising for. If you just do the math on that it's fairly easy to realize that it's entirely impossible to carry this out after a short period of time.

Now you may ask, "What if they give a guarantee?" Well, whether it's a "success" guarantee or a money-back guarantee, it's important to remember that a guarantee is only as good as the paper it's written on. When these companies fold (and they all do), there's NO MONEY left for you to get back, period!

Sadly, the reason these types of opportunities get any members at all is because they prey heavily on the needs, desires, and abilities of individuals. I mean, heck, who wouldn't want to make a ton of money from home and not have to lift a finger?

And that's basically their sales pitch, which lures in the people who think such a concept could actually work. But it can't and it doesn't.

And it doesn't matter how good or honest the individuals behind the company are, the truth is that these business models are set up for failure right from the onset.

Ultimately, the only ones who benefit from these programs are the owners themselves, who rake in the money, close down after they can no longer support their member base, and then run off with YOUR money. This is why you should avoid these types of opportunities completely.

Just remember the old adage, "If it sounds too good to be true, IT IS!"

Update Note

It looks like the latest of these types of companies to crop up is called Prosperity Automated System (PAS), which states you can basically do nothing and earn thousands of dollars a month.

And it claims you can do this with no prospecting, no advertising, no answering questions, no selling, no speaking to prospects, and absolutely no telephone calls. Wow! Starting to sound too good to be true already?

It further states that the "system" will send thousands of real-time prospects from the search engines right to your system website, etc.

Now, one discrepancy I've already noticed is that the website claims, "NO answering questions," and "NO speaking to prospects."

However, the tour movie itself states that the system, "Will sort through them to find who the real buyers are and it will eliminate the tire-kickers...Then buyers and only buyers contact you..."

OK, so what happened to, "NO speaking to prospects" and NO answering questions?!?" Are they telling me that 100% of those who call will have absolutely NO questions at all and will definitely buy just like that?!?

OK, so maybe I missed something here along the way. Or maybe I'm just not taking enough drugs to actually go along with this one. :P My personal opinion? I'd definitely avoid this one for sure.

UPDATE: The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is seeking to shut Prosperity Automated System (PAS), accusing operators of, "running a $15-million pyramid scheme that promises..."

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