February 1, 2006

4 Stars Rewarded to the Kerio Personal Firewall...

With all the dangers of spyware and hackers it's imperative that every connected computer have the protection of a software firewall.

But how do you know which one to use? Which one is best?

Unfortunately, a lot of people rely on their Windows Firewall, believing that they're fully protected. But guess what? They're not!. See, it blocks only incoming attacks. And that leaves you wide open to a slew of other nasty dangers.

So, which one do you use?

Well, PC Mag recently studied four of the leading firewalls, including the Windows Firewall. And as they said, "you're much better off with a third-party firewall that prevents any use of your network connection by unauthorized users."

And of the four that they tested, their pick as the best one was the Kerio Personal Firewall by Sunbelt Software...

-From PC Mag.com, "Kerio Personal Firewall 4 was the best in this roundup. Its users can choose moderate program control with no pop-ups, or unusually powerful protection after an initial spate of pop-ups."

Aside from what PC Mag had to say about it, the users at Download.com gave it a an extraordinarily high rating of 4.5 stars!

Bottom line, it's too dangerous these days to take any chances whatsoever. You absolutely need the best firewall protection around, the Kerio Personal Firewall from Sunbelt.

You can download a free trial of it below...

And to catch the full article about it on the PCMag.com website, click here!

On a personal note, I've used many, many different firewalls... Windows Firewall, ZoneAlarm, Norton's Personal Firewall, McAfee's Personal Firewall Plus, you name it. And like the folks at PC Mag, Sunbelt's Kerio Personal Firewall is my pick as well.

To your safe success!

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