September 27, 2006

The Feds Stopped By To Ask Some Questions

So the feds came knocking on my door today. Two of them. Said they had to ask me some questions pertaining to my whereabouts late last September - the 27th to be exact. Seems there was a crime and I was a prime suspect.

So I let them in and offered them some tea. They didn't partake. Some coffee? "No thanks," they grumbled. Some cookies and milk? I just made some delicious chocolate chip cookies. "Um, yeah, sure. I'll have one or two. But we're here for a serious reason, you know."

Now, even though I don't make it a habit of entertaining FBI agents, I wasn't too nervous at all. I mean, I was innocent. Though I did have it in the back of my mind that even innocent people get locked up on occasion. Yikes!

So the three of us were sitting here, intently studying one another and cautiously eating our cookies, when the head agent spoke up.

"There was a series of crimes that we're looking into and we need to ask you some questions as you're one of our main suspects at this time. Where were you the night of September 27, 2005? And do you have an alibi or anyone to corroborate your story?"

So I answered, "The night of September 27th. Hmm, that's an easy one... I was home on my computer working diligently to set up my blog."

Yep, that's right folks, today marks the one year anniversary of this blog. Hip, hip, hooray!

So with that, we all got up and danced. And then we ate some more cookies. Har har.


  1. LOL, good one. And congrats on your one year blog anniversary!


  2. Happy Anniversary, Aaron!

    Ain't blogging 'versary dates fun?

    Hope you have many more.


  3. Thanks a bunch Dave! Here's to many more for all of us. :)



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