September 7, 2006

Petitions Can Be Magic...

Petitions Can Be Magic

As Seth Godin has recently said...

"Petitions can be magic

They can be viral, they can build emotional energy, they can build a permission asset and as a bonus, they might even work.

This one from the March of Dimes seems to get in right in a few ways. Are We Doodle-Worthy?"

Wow, talk about a powerful campaign the March of Dimes has there. But, how does this actually relate to mlm and home business?

Simple. Viral marketing. Starting a petition (of course it has to be a sincere one) can really garner a lot of FREE web traffic in a really short time. And for any business that's a financial plus.

So, have you ever thought of enacting a petition for something that you truly believe in? If not, then you perhaps you should. The benefits could be amazing.

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