November 15, 2006

Voicemail And Answering Machine Marketing Tips

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Voicemail & Answering Machine
Marketing Tips That Work

Want more prospects to actually leave their contact information for you? Here are some good and simple marketing tips from Tom Schreiter (Big Al) that can help you accomplish just that...

To encourage prospects to leave their name AND telephone
number, include this phrase as part of your message:

"Please leave a telephone number and the best time
to call you back. I'll call back and ask you which
free samples you would prefer from our product line."

On your personal voice mail, you can leave this message
to get more prospects from your friends and relatives
who call you:

"Hi, I'm not home right now. Please leave your name
and phone number and I will call you back. OR, if
you are calling to get a copy of the free book, "How
To Get Rich Without Winning The Lottery" -- please
leave your mailing address also."

If it is the right time in your friends and relatives'
lives, they will ask you for the book. Now, that creates
hot prospects.

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