April 4, 2007

Mac vs. PC Parody Video - Macs Gay?

Hmmm, I dunno. See for yourself. From one of the most sarcastic jerks on the web (no, not me) comes this funny Mac vs. PC parody. Brace yourself, it's from Maddox!

The Mac vs. PC Parody


  1. Hello Aaron,

    You always make me laugh and I can really appreciate that :) I love these PC vs Mac commercials, they crack me up. I myself personally am a Mac girl (and no I am not gay :D ) Keep up the good work!

    To Your Success!
    Shannon Q.

    P.S. I wondered if you guys have read these FREE reports yet. It talks about the DISASTER on the
    web 2.0 technology. You can download it at:

    (Wild Stuff. No Affiliate link either!)

  2. Why thanks! I enjoy making people laugh. So look forward to some more chuckles! :)

    Shine on,

  3. Ha ha that was a good one! Personally I really like Macs but the parody was just hysterical. I hope more are in the making?



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