April 29, 2007

Will It Blend - 50 Marbles...

OK, so I haven't done a Will It Blend video for a while. No reason really. Just got caught up working on some other things recently.

So here's a special Will It Blend video just for you. 50 glass marbles in a blender. 50 maliciously massacred marbles! I guess you could say that they're being "deglassified." Har, har, har. But will they blend? Well, my friends, that is the question!

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  1. I love this one. I used to collect marbles, but never thought of doing something like this with them!

  2. OMG! Are you kidding me? It cracks me up what people do when they are bored :D That is some blender! I would not mind having one of them myself.

    To Your Success!
    Shannon Q.

    P.S. I wondered if you guys have read these FREE reports yet. It talks about the DISASTER on the web 2.0 technology. You can download it at:

    (Wild Stuff. No Affiliate link either!)

  3. That is so stupidly cool! My hubby needs to see that since he is a "destructive little boy" at heart! Neat blog!

  4. Thanks Sheliza! And thanks for stopping by!

    "My hubby needs to see that since he is a 'destructive little boy' at heart!"

    Ha ha, is there any other kind?! :P

    Shine on,


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