January 29, 2008

Shareapic - Make Money With Your Pictures!

Got Pics? They'll Pay You!

When it comes to making money online, there's no question that revenue sharing is "where it's at" right now on the Web. With video sites like Revver, and social networking sites like Yuwie, Internet users can now cash in on their own content and Web activity, thus, making money from the very things they used to do for free.

The most recent website to adopt the revenue sharing model is Shareapic. Shareapic allows the average Internet user to make money from the pictures he/she puts online, whether they be on MySpace, Facebook, eBay, in forums, etc.

And for us bloggers, it's even more exciting. Why? Because we include pictures in our posts all the time. And now we can actually monetize them!

How Does Shareapic Pay?

Shareapic pays based on image views. What this means is that every time someone clicks to view one of your pictures anywhere online, or views a picture in one of your online galleries, you make money.

The Shareapic pay rate is simple: CPM of $0.22 to $0.25 (or rate per 1000 impressions).

Ca$h payments are made through PayPal, though you can also choose to be paid by gift certificate for places like: Amazon.com, Target, eLUXURY, etc. Personally, I'll just take the cash, thank you very much! ;)

Shareapic In A Nutshell

• Shareapic pays you to upload and store unlimited pictures
• Link them to blogs, MySpace, eBay, forums...anywhere
• Share them with family, even order prints of them
• Upload unlimited pictures
• No file size restrictions
• Create unlimited galleries
• One click posting to MySpace, WordPress, Blogger, Hi5 and more

But wait! That's not all! LOL.

Make Money From Other Peoples' Photos

Shareapic also pays you for referring new users. Each time you refer a new user to Shareapic, you earn 10% of their image views as well - forever. Shareapic offers several link and banner codes that you can use to invite new users.

In my experience over the two weeks, the sign up rate has been pretty impressive. I credit this to the fact that Shareapic appeals to just about every Internet user out there, is completely free, and is incredibly simple to use.

Additional Traffic To Your Photos

Shareapic also includes a variety of built-in options to help you generate even more traffic to your pictures and picture galleries, creating that much-loved viral effect.

Digg: Each picture gallery page has the "Digg This" submit button built into it. As we all know, Digg.com can be an awesome source of traffic. If someone Diggs your gallery or picture(s), then other people on Digg have an opportunity to look at it (and Digg it as well).

Social Bookmarks: Each gallery page includes a bookmark button that allows people to post your gallery to their own pages on their social network profile, blog, personal page, etc. Here are the bookmarking options:

Link to it!: Each individual picture has a "Link to it!" option that allows people to link directly to your photo. This automatically generates the HTML code necessary for it to be posted on a blog or website, in forums and on message boards, and in Email or instant messages.

Share on Facebook: Each individual picture also has a "Share on Facebook" option that allows people to add your photos right to their Facebook pages!

Each of these are excellent when it comes to generating traffic and will definitely serve to boost your Shareapic earnings. Bottom line, more views = more $$$.

Keeping Photos On Your Own Server

If you're like most website owners, you like to keep your pictures on your own server in order to keep a handle on how your pages load. No problem. Here's what I do...

I upload the pictures to my blog, just like I would ordinarily do when including pictures in a post. Then I upload to Shareapic, copy the picture URL, and link it to the picture on my blog. This way, I can be sure that my pictures will always load the way I want them to, while earning money from them as well. :)

Overall Shareapic Conclusion

So far, I'm quite pleased with Shareapic. I've always used photos in my posts here on this blog, and now I can make some money from them as well. Shareapic is a really nice way to monetize content on your site without taking away from the quality of it.

As for issues, the only thing I've noticed is that due to the rapid growth they've experienced, the site has been a wee bit slow on occasion, though I haven't noticed that recently. But other than that, it's definitely two thumbs up for this one.

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