October 11, 2008

Make Money With WF3D - It's Easy!

Make Money With WorkFor3Dollars (WF3D)

Howdy friends. Came across a new moneymaker recently that I'm very happy with. It's called WorkFor3Dollars (WF3D), and it's been paying out like crazy.

Update (February 1, 2011): It's been a long time since I first joined WF3D, and my earnings STILL continue to rise each month. Yeah!!! This one definitely kicks ass, and you'd be a fool not to get in on it. Check out WorkFor3Dollars here.

Make Money with WF3D...

I'm not gonna write a long blog post about this since I already wrote one here on my Yuwie blog. But I will say that WF3D is definitely worth checking out. And if you have any doubt, be sure to check out all the comments my Yuwie friends left about it. You can also see their WorkFor3Dollars stats and earnings right on my page (Note: Their stats and earnings are outdated...I should probably update them soon lol)...

How WorkFor3Dollars Works

Real simple. WorkFor3Dolalrs is a 3 x 15 forced matrix (with spillover). It costs just $3 to join (hence the name) and pays you for every personal referral. WF3D also pays you for every referral that one of your personally sponsored referrals puts in. WF3D pays this down through 15 levels.

On the product/services side, WorkFor3Dollars comes with a List Builder (real handy for all you marketers out there!) and a whole slew of digital products and informative e-books. All the e-books come with resell rights, so you can sell them for a profit, too, if you like.

WorkFor3Dollars Payment Proof

As with all make money programs out there, one always has to worry about scams and not being paid. So, is WorkFor3Dollars a scam? No. The good news is that WorkFor3Dollars is not a scam. It has paid people on time...every time. For example, here's my latest WorkFor3Dollars payment proof...

Receiving payment is fast and easy. WorkFor3Dollars pays instantly and automatically through AlertPay. A lot of moneymaking programs pay "Net-30" or "Net-60," which means that each earning must mature for at least 30 (or 60) days before it is eligible for payment.

For example, one of the programs I use to monetize this blog is AdBrite (AdBrite is one of my favorite money making programs). It's a great program that has never let me down (it even outperforms AdSense much of the time). But the one thing I don't really like about it is that it pays Net-60.

So...if I make $2,500 dollars this month with AdBrite, I won't actually be sent my check for that $2,500 until January. Oh well.

And as the old saying goes, "There's many a slip twixt a cup and a lip." Meaning, there are many things that could go wrong between now and then. My AdBrite account could be banned - and I'd never see that money. But with WorkFor3Dollars, I don't have to worry about that. My WF3D earnings are automatically transferred into my AlertPay account. No fuss, no muss. The cash is in my account instantly. Just one of the many great things about WorkFor3Dollars.

Helping Friends Make Money with WF3D

Over on Yuwie, I'm a pretty popular character. So I'm also helping folks make money with WorkFor3Dollars by listing their pics and their WF3D referral links in my WF3D blog on Yuwie. And I'm more than happy to do the same for anyone who signs up on our team. So if you join WF3D, you don't have to go through my referral link...

You can sign up under one of these great folks below. :)

Oscar's WF3D link

Laura's WF3D link

Jim's WF3D link

Nyactor's WF3D link

Mario's WF3D link

Erica's WF3D link

Newest WorkFor3Dollars members on my team (no photos available):

Mark's WF3D link, Eva's WF3D link, Anatha's WF3D link, David's WF3D link, Vijay's WF3D link, Frank's WF3D link, Ali's WF3D link.

Teamwork makes the dreamwork! And together, we're making it happen. So don't put this one off. Join WorkFor3Dollars today.

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