October 16, 2008

Make Money with WidgetBucks - $25 Bonus for Signing Up!

WidgetBucks Celebrates 1st Birthday
With $25 Sign-Up Bonus

UPDATE: WidgetBucks is no longer recommended by this blog!!!

WidgetBucks, one of the fastest-growing ad networks, has just completed its first year in business. And to celebrate, they're offering a $25 sign-up bonus for all new publishers. That's right, you'll get $25 in cool cash when you sign up with WidgetBucks.

WidgetBucks is offering this celebratory $25 sign-up bonus until the end of October, so don't wait to take advantage of the offer if you haven't already.

What Is WidgetBucks?

WidgetBucks is an ad network that features CPC (cost-per-click) and CPM (cost-per-thousand impressions) shopping widgets that help you make money fast. The WidgetBucks widgets display the most popular products based on the buying trends of over 100 million shoppers. You choose which types of products you want to advertise, and WidgetBucks does the rest.

The widgets are completely customizable (with over 300 configurations and 256 color schemes), so you can tailor them to fit the look and feel of your blog or website. Here's an example of a WidgetBucks ad widget in action:

How To Make Money With WidgetBucks

There are three basic ways to make money with WidgetBucks:

• CPC, or cost-per-click widget ads - Each time a user clicks on a WidgetBucks ad widget, you make money.
• CPM, or cost-per-thousand impressions - Each time a CPM ad from one of WidgetBucks’ ad partners is shown, you make money.
• WidgetBucks Referral Program - Refer people to WidgetBucks and you'll receive 5% of the commissions earned by everyone you refer. Just another easy way to make money with WidgetBucks.

My Experience With WidgetBucks

My experience with WidgetBucks has been a very good one. I've been using them to make money on this site (and on others) ever since they first launched a year ago. With their combination of both CPC and CPM ad widgets, WidgetBucks tends to outperform AdSense quite consistently each month. But since you can use them alongside AdSense without breaking the AdSense TOS, you don't have to stop using AdSense just to try them out.

WidgetBucks has been going strong for a year now and I've seen nothing but improvements all along the way. They're constantly adding new, cool-looking widget skins, which allows you to continually keep your ad content fresh and engaging. And this, of course, means more money in your pocket.

Bottom line, WidgetBucks is a nice little moneymaker. If you haven't yet tried them for your blog or website, I definitely suggest you do...especially since you'll get a $25 bonus just for doing so. :)

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