January 30, 2006

Genealogy Lists... Do They Work?

That seems to be the question on some peoples' minds recently. And it came up again today on the HomeBasedBusinessForums.

So, do genealogy lists work?

Basically, genealogy lists don't work at all. Here's some of what I covered on the forum about them:

MLM genealogy leads are basically the names of people from an MLM company that's no longer in business.

They can be acquired through contacts within the MLM company that dissolved, or a list can be purchased from a third party company.

But because of how they're harvested, and because they didn't actually request to hear from anyone, I'd suggest staying far away from them... especially with the fines one can get these days for unsolicited phone calls (up to $11,000 per incident or violation)!

Bottom line, they really just waste your time and money so stay away from them. Instead, get leads that are exclusive to you and fresh (24-48 hours old is recommended).

You'll save yourself a lot of time and headaches that way - plus your dialing finger won't get as tired! :P"

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