January 22, 2006

Scam Alert! Superior Lead Systems Rip-off?

Super Lead Systems (SLS) Rip-off?

Something Sure Smells Fishy!!!

I was doing a little reading on a friend's blog today and came across the following disturbing info. Wanted to pass it on to prevent anyone else from potentially losing their money in what looks in my opinion to be a scam/rip-off so far.

From Michael's blog (blog no longer published): "Scam Alert....Superior Leads Systems Rip-Off"
I'm passing on a heads up to be VERY careful if you're considering dealing with a leads source called SuperiorLeadSystems.com. I've a number of friends who've indicated they've been taken advantage of by this compnay. Payed a lot of dinero....and no leads.

In the specific case of my friends at SendOutCards.....Superior Lead System promised to deliver a commercial on National Television and quality leads that had watched the commercial, and were looking for what SendOutCards offered.

They did produce the commercial.... but then failed to air it to produce the leads. Since then the Send Out Cards folks have had nothing but empty promises....since last May. That's right....7 MONTHS.

Payed their money....and no "product".

I understand they made the same promises to people from Xango, and Fruta Vida, Xooma and many others. They've also since RAISED the price on what they collected from my friends.....and now it's more.

Don't say you weren't warned.

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