August 6, 2006

103bees Search Term Analytics...

Don't Want People to Buzz Off?

Then might just bee your answer!

103bees is a free tool that analyzes your inbound search engine traffic for your blog or website. You just add a small piece of javascript code to your template and you're go to go.

103bees then goes to work by analyzing which search engines your traffic comes from, what keywords your visitors searched in order to get to your blog or website, what page they landed on on your website or blog, etc.

Basically, 103bees is a real-time online web analytics tool that is highly focused on search term analysis.


  1. Do they tie the stats to the legs of the bees and use them like pigeons?

    They're homing bees?

    I had to ask, because there are no comments!!!!!

  2. LOL. Dunno. Like I said, this is a prime example of what my blog was like a little over a year ago...not nearly as popular as it is now.

    Thanks goodness for progress!!! :)

    Shine on smart-ass,


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